Brown on Oklahoma

Texas Head Coach Mack Brown talks about the Sooners and the Red River Shootout

On the importance of this years OU-Texas game
It is the most important game for a long time because the two teams are better, for one thing. We haven't been undefeated going into this game since ‘85 and we haven't been 4-0 since 1983. So it's been a dry spell here as far as our consistency is concerned. I know OU went through some tough times and that's that normal for the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma, and that's why I'm so excited to see it back.

The most impressive thing to me last year about OU is after they beat us they kept going. This game is a start for both teams. It's not an ending. And as tough as this league is the tough games are going to be next week.

This is going to be a great game. It's going to be a hard fight, but we both better regroup Saturday night win or lose and get ready for next week because this season, especially with a championship game is really long and really hard. And if the fifth game of the season you're talking about it being the most important game, you've probably got some problems.

The impressive thing to me was not OU beating us last year because we didn't play, and we stunk. I did a poor job, they did a good job. But that they won the next week, and the next week, and the next week. That's hard to do in a league this good and that's why you've got to give them credit.

Bob and his staff should be commended because they've done an outstanding job. They're very well-coached. They've got great players and you can't win 17 games in a row like they have without doing things right.

On his impressions of Nate Hybl
Nate is moving along the same path as Josh Heupel did last year. He's a coaches son. He's a tough young man. Kansas State is one of the toughest defenses in the country and everybody knows that. They will just absolutely line up and hit you play and play again. I thought he answered the bell. It was a question mark in some people's mind going in, but he sure played well. He was the difference in the ballgame because he hit the big plays down the field that gave OU a chance to outscore them.

On ESPN analyst Lee Corso comment that Texas doesn't have any heart
I really like Lee. I don't agree with everything he says all the time, and I don't think anybody does. Lee's in show business and he has to say things that gets people's attention. He also said UCLA didn't have any heart and they're undefeated too. If that's the case I hope he keeps saying it.

On if he is insulted when Corso says negative things about you especially when he wasn't as successful as a coach compared to what you've done
After being in this after 27 years and being a head coach for 18 years I've got pretty tough skin. It's hard for somebody to insult me.

I talk to Lee a lot. Lee's a Florida State graduate. I'm a Florida State graduate and I haven't talked to him this year. Lee's probably talking about this game last year. He's probably talking about we lost to Oregon in the last seconds. There's probably a lot of teams out there that don't have a lot of heart that didn't win nine games. That really doesn't relate to this team. It's just something to draw attention to his program. I understand that. He's trying to get the ratings up and he does that very good.

On if the 63-14 loss last year got the teams attention
When you get beat that badly you make some decisions in your life. You either lay down as a football team and coaching staff, or you pick it up and get better. Thanks goodness it didn't happen to me many times in 18 years, so I haven't been through it much.

What it did for us is it made us go back and regroup. We were probably taking some things for granted. We probably got a little complacent. It made us go back and start one quarterback instead of two. It made us go back and emphasize plays that we thought were good and it made us go back and start working on our tackling and try to tackle better.

Sometimes if you take an awful thing in life, as far as football is concerned, and take a crisis and turn it into a positive it can really help you. My wife often says that cancer at 29-years old wasn't the worst thing that's ever happened in her life, but the best thing because it sure changed her priorities and the way she looks at things. Obviously, losing a football game doesn't relate to cancer or life and death, but I think in some cases you can take a negative and turn it into a positive, and that's what we did.

On Oklahoma
I think Oklahoma is a great team. I think they have to be considered as good as anybody in the country. Those guys have been amazing. They've blown some people out, but they've won a lot of close football games and that was a tough one last Saturday. I've got great respect for Bill Snyder and Kansas State. They came in and played really hard, as hard they can play and Oklahoma still hung in there. So, you've got to give those guys a lot of credit.

On OU's defense
There secondary is as good as anybody's in the country. There linebacker are as good as anybody in the country. There defensive front is fighting tooth and nail and they'll hit you. And they'll hit you throughout the game.

On OU's offense
Quentin Griffin, we made him famous so he really owes us. He's a great player. The guy makes yards every week and Kansas State did everything they could to take him away, but when you take him away then you leave your corners one-on-one.

They've got the skill at wide receiver when Nate gets the ball to them they can make things happen.

Maybe their most valuable player is (Jeff) Ferguson. That guy can punt it out of the stadium and he keeps people backed up and with their good defense it's truly hard to get good field position.

You've got to give the guys credit, they don't have any weaknesses.

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