Two Minute Drill: Bob Stoops sat down with OU's Head Ball Coach after Monday's practice to get his thoughts on Les Mile's comments and Saturday's big game. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

NORMAN, Okla. — With the big game against OSU coming up this weekend, there is nobody better to sit down with for the Two Minute Drill than the OU Head Ball Coach himself — Bob Stoops.

JH: How was the team's mood today as they get ready for another big game?

BS: "It was great as the guys were popping around. The guys were excited and anxious to practice, and practiced well."

JH: Do you subscribe to that theory that one team can get a mental edge in a rivalry game?

BS: "No, I have said this many times that pass success never guarantees future success. You have to earn your way each time. I don't believe much in that."

JH: You are extremely competitive anyway, so can you be any more motivated any more than you normally would be by the comments by an opposing coach or player?

BS: "Not really. What do those comments actually do? Comments by an opposing coach or opposing media do very little to me or our team. That is especially true when you are defending Big 12 Champs. That makes those negative comments a lot easier to deal with."

JH: Does your preparation this week center on what they were able to have success with last year against you?

BS: "I don't know, but I guess there is some part that both teams looked at from last year that goes into this year's plan. Some of those things will change or some will stay the same. We have played better in certain areas this year and the same can be said for them. So, that changes many things form last year, but some of the things are still the same that you study."

JH: In the last three games against OSU your team didn't perform up to the standards of your team for that particular year, or at least it seemed that way. Why do you feel that happened?

BS: "I don't know really. I think each game you earn your way. There are games through the year where you are playing like you need to and other times when you are not. So, in these games the last two years they just out-played us and out-coached us in a big way, and I have said that a number of times. The year before it gets down to one play at the end of the game and you either make it or you don't. The first year we made it and then two years ago we didn't. That is the way it goes, you have to make plays when you have opportunities."

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