RECRUITING: OU high on Chicago OL's list

Chicago, Illinois OL Roland Martin talks about his season and his interest in Oklahoma.


JH: When I called you were talking to some coaches, do you mind telling me where they were from?

RM: "I just got off the phone with Coach (Jackie) Shipp, and I also talked to Coach (Kevin) Wilson - the offensive line coach from Oklahoma. Coach Shipp is a great guy and so is Coach Wilson. I like both of those guys, because they talk more about life and academics than they do about football."

JH: How is your season going?

RM: "We are 9-0 and ranked fourth in the state I believe, but we may be ranked number two by now. We are pretty good and we have a chance to win the state title. We start the state playoffs Saturday at 3:00 p.m. against Bennett. They have been playing against some top teams, so this will be a tough game for us."

JH: How are you playing individually?

RM: "I am playing pretty well, but I got into a ref after the game. When I went out for the coin toss the ref talked down on me and said that I wasn't in the straight line and then told me to stand straight. Then he called two holding calls against me and kept talking trash to me, and this was a ref. I guess his son played on the other team or something, but I still had a pretty good game."

JH: Have you taken any official visits at this time?

RM: No, I haven't yet. I am going to visit Oklahoma for sure, but we haven't set a date. I think I will also visit Tennessee, Iowa and Michigan State."

JH: What are your thoughts about Oklahoma?

RM: "I think they are a great team and a great program. They are ranked number one and always seem to have a chance at the national title. I think they have a great coaching staff and I really like Coach Shipp and Coach Wilson. I like how they deal with me as a person and not just a football player. I think Oklahoma would be a great place for me to go to, but I need to see them for myself to make sure it is the right place for me. I really like their offense as well. It is just like a pro offense, very balanced and good in all phases."

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