White ready for first taste of Bedlam

Senior quarterback Jason White talked about Saturday's the Heisman, his health and Saturday's showdown with Oklahoma State at OU's weekly press conference Tuesday in Norman. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Below is a transcript of Jason White's press conference with the media on Tuesday.

On not being able to play against Oklahoma State because of his injury
"I'm excited. It's the first Bedlam game I get to play in. It's always a big challenge, so I'm excited for the competition."

On Oklahoma State's defense
"They're very good defensively. They do a lot things that we've seen this year, and we've seen a lot of things. But they're very good defensively and they're very sound. I think the one thing that sticks out about their defense is that they always know their assignments. When everybody is working on the same page makes them out to be a pretty good defense."

On what Texas Tech did to get 750 yards against OSU
"Well, they threw it 80 times (laughs). They threw it all the time and they probably played them for the pass, because that's all that Texas Tech does. It's hard to compare our team with Texas Tech's team because we're two totally different teams."

On if he's ever met OSU quarterback Josh Fields
"Actually, I haven't. I've never met him. I know some guys on the OSU team that I played against — Elbert Craig and Rashaun Woods — in high school when they went to Millwood. My sophomore year they beat us, my junior year we beat them."

On if the intensity at practice would be different this week if OU was coming off two straight wins against OSU
"No, I think the intensity is up this week just for the fact that it's a big game and everybody on the team gets excited for big games. Everybody on the team is excited to play and we can't wait until Saturday. We wish it was tomorrow. I think everybody's intensity level is going to be up because they're excited to play and they know it's a big game."

On if being the leader in the Heisman race puts more pressure on him
"No, not at all. Like I said, I just go out and do my job, be a good leader and give the ball to the receivers and backs. All the pressure I have is to just do my job."

On if being from Oklahoma makes this game mean more to him then the Texas game
"I don't think so. Just being from Oklahoma, it's an in-state rivalry, but it's just part of a stepping stone to our goal at the end of the season. So, I think that's what really matters to everybody on the team regardless of where you're from or where you grow up. It's a stepping stone for one of our goals and we just have to step through it."

On if OU's motivation for the game is to get to the Big 12 title game or because OSU has beaten them the last two meetings
"This is a whole different season than the last two years. You can't win games just because you're mad you got beat the last two years. We got outplayed the last two years. This is a different year, a different team. It's just a stepping stone to one of our goals. We have to win this game to go to the Big 12 championship, so it's one thing we want to do."

On OSU having a 'bend but don't break' defense
"They've got a great defense. I think they're only giving up 18 points a game. They don't give up many points. They might give up a few yards here and there, but they don't give up points, and that's huge for a defense. They really step up in the red zone and at the goal line, so it's a huge challenge for our offense."

"From what I've seen so far they pretty much cover everything you can throw at them. You have to pick up a few yards here and there, take your shots and hopefully somebody can get behind somebody. I just think that they're a great defense all around, even if they bend a little bit. They obviously don't break when it gets down to crunch time at the goal line."

On if they look at this game as a possible defining win for this season like Nebraska was in 2000
"No, like I said before this is a stepping stone to our goal. The defining game will be the Big 12 championship. We've got to win that one to go to the championship, so this is just a stepping stone to get to the Big 12 championship. But we've still got games after this one we have to win."

On if the Oklahoma State game is bigger than the games over the next three weeks
"No, I didn't say that. I said that the intensity this week is higher, just like when we play Texas the intensity is higher. I didn't say that every week's the same, but you have the same goal every week, which is to win."

On if he grew up an OU or OSU fan

On if OSU's coaches or players have shown a lack of respect to OU
"No, they have all the confidence in the world. They've beaten us the last couple of years, so why wouldn't they have confidence? I don't think they've showed any disrespect toward us. I think they respect us just as much as we respect them."

On OU losing the last two years despite being favorites
"I think people look at the last couple of years at our two losses and think it will weigh heavily in the game just by what the outcome was. Those are two different teams, and this year we are two different teams. We'll just have to wait until the end to see the outcome."

On if he'll be mindful of where OSU defensive end Greg Richmond lines up
"They've got a guy on the other side too that's just as good. You're mindful of where everybody is."

On if OSU does anything on defense OU hasn't seen this year
"No, not really. From what I've seen so far, and I haven't seen everything yet, but from what I've seen so far we've seen pretty much everything they've showed."

On how his eye is doing
"I'm great. It was just a little poke in the eye with momentary blurry vision. I woke up Sunday morning and I could see fine. I wasn't too worried about it."

On having questions about his eye rather than his knees
"It's great to have a question about something besides my knees (laughs)."

On his knees
They're great. I haven't had any trouble at all this year. I've kind of been hinting around to take that knee brace off, but I think that's working out to well."

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