RECRUITING: Wisconsin DE still favors two

Oak Creek, Wisconsin defensive end Rhyan Anderson has ties to his top two favorites.


JH: How is your season going?

RA: "It is going pretty good. We finished our season 9-0 and now we are in the second round of the playoffs. We are No. 1 in the state with the number one offense and defense."

JH: How are you playing?

RA: "I am playing pretty good. It is my senior season and I am just trying to play as hard as I can every game. I am not sure of my stats, but that they are not important anyway. We are winning games and I am playing pretty well."

JH: Have you set any official visits at this time?

RA: "No, I haven't. I will do that when my season is completely over."

JH: Have you taken any unofficial visits?

RA: "No, I haven't gone to any games. I have been invited to several, but I have just decided to not go to any because I want to finish out my senior season and want to enjoy my senior season. I couldn't enjoy my senior season if I was traveling to a college game every weekend."

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

RA: "I am still kind of wide open, because now I have the Florida Gators calling. I am staying open because I am trying to see if any other schools offer me at this time. My top four is Miami, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Southern California right now."

JH: You always mention Miami and Oklahoma first in all your interviews, so are they your favorites? And is there anything in particular that separates the two?

RA: "Not really. Oklahoma is of course No. 1, but Miami has a lot of defensive linemen going to the pros and that is eventually want I want to do. I guess Miami has some things that Oklahoma doesn't have, but Oklahoma has some things that Miami doesn't have. I will have to visit both and just sit down and make a tough decision."

JH: Don't you have some connections in both areas?

RA: "I have relatives in Florida and I used to live in Norman back in the eight grade. So, I have some ties on both areas.

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