RECRUITING: Peterson not surprised by blowout

Palestine, Texas running back Adrian Peterson talks about Bedlam, recruiting and his trip to the Cowboys-Redskins game in Dallas.


JH: "You had planned to come up for the OU/OSU game, but didn't make it. What happened?

AD: "I wasn't able to make it Saturday. I was with my dad Saturday and it was his birthday, so I spent that day with him. I watched the game on television with my dad."

JH: What did you think of the Sooners 52-9 win?

AD: "It really was no surprise that OU won it, but I thought it would be a closer game due to the rivalry and everything. OU played really well and really just controlled the game from the beginning. OU almost played a perfect game, while OSU made a bunch of mistakes and you can't do that in a big game."

JH: I heard that you went to the Dallas game on Sunday. Is that true?

AD: "Yes, sir."

JH: Did you go with some friends or were you invited by the Cowboys?

AD: "I knew this guy named Larry Rodriquez who worked at Fox Channel 4 in Dallas. He was able to get me a sideline pass on the field so that I could watch the game. I guess a lot of people knew me, because several people came up to me to and asked me why I was at the game or what I was doing. A security guard asked me to give an autograph for his son and some people thought I was a reporter covering the game. I was walking around with a notebook in my hand and I guess that fooled some people."

JH: Were you invited into the locker room by the Cowboys?

AD: "My pass got me into the locker room. I just went into the locker room with the reporters and introduced myself to Troy Hambrick and Roy Williams knew who I was. Dexter Coakley also asked who I was and that was cool."

JH: Did you get a chance to talk to Roy?

AD: "Yes, and he was cool. We talked about a lot of different things. We talked football a little a bit and we talked about Oklahoma and little bit. Roy said he loved his time at OU and that OU was a good school. However, he was cool and wasn't trying to push me in any direction or anything. We mostly talked about what was going on I guess."

JH: Since you want to play in the NFL someday, what were your thoughts about being in the locker room of the Dallas Cowboys?

AD: "That was overwhelming because that is something I have always dreamed of doing. I want to play pro football some day and that was tight standing in that locker room with all those pro players. I found out that one of the big keys at that level is speed, and someday I think I can play there. God has blessed me with speed and I hope that I can keep it."

JH: How is recruiting going?

AD: "It is going pretty good. The schools stack up the same way with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Miami, LSU and Texas as the top five. Oklahoma is still my leader at this point."

JH: When do you plan to take your official visit to OU?

AD: "I will visit OU on December 12. I haven't set the other visits yet."

JH: Did you have a monster game last Friday?

AD: "I rushed for six touchdowns and 305 yards on 17 carries in just first half of a game that we won 65-28. I didn't even play in the second half. My longest run was 60 yards and everything was going right for us. I think that was the best game that I have had this year. We have to win our last district game to earn our way into the playoffs."

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