11/4 Press Conference Quotebook

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops reviews his Sooners' win over OSU and other topics at his weekly press conference.

On Oklahoma State
"Very proud of the way our players prepared and played the game. And the assistant coaches, once again, were all given game balls for their preparation, work and the schemes they put our players in. I felt they really did an excellent job."

"It was a quality win. Everyone understood the implications of the game. Both teams came in with opportunities to continue to pursue a Big 12 Championship. We still had an undefeated season in front of us and they still had opportunities with only one loss in the conference to continue to pursue a Big 12 Championship. So, there was a lot riding on it for both teams. And I think that is what is really so exciting about it and exciting about playing at this time of the year, when both teams have something on the line. I really like the way our team responded. We, for the most part through the years in those kind of games, have stepped up and really played in a strong way to achieve success and to continue to put ourselves in a position to compete and win championships. And we did that again last Saturday."

"We gave game balls to all five of our starting offensive linemen, along with J.D. Runells. J.D. is also an integral part of our run game and pass protection, and he was excellent along with those linemen. Some other guys who played well — Renaldo Works with 100 yards, Brandon Jones with some big plays. JeJuan Rankins, with his one reception, ignited our first touchdown drive with a great catch. And then defensively was an exceptional effort once again. To limit them with 161 yards for the entire day was exceptional. Just did an excellent job stuffing the run, taking away their passing game. Dan Cody was given a game ball and recognized as the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week. All five secondary defensive backs were also recognized as players of the game for us. Really could not have played a whole lot better."

"Gayron Allen, our third middle linebacker that we've had in there this year, stepped up and had an excellent day. You like to see new guys have an opportunity to come in and impact the game like they did. Special teams players of the game were Trey DiCarlo, Blake Ferguson and Jacob Rice. Our three specialists were solid, very good hitting the ball. They continue to helps us win and improve, and that's important as we head down here through the stretch."

"That game's put us in position now to be 9-0 and continue after a Big 12 South Championship and Big 12 Championship. That's what our sights are on. That's what we're focused on, and we realize though other people want to count it as finished, we understand it is a long way from finished."

On Dan Cody's improved play
"He has in a big way, and that's through maturity, experience, through gaining a little more strength and speed. Dan's a great worker and has really put himself in a position where he's a great physical specimen in the way he runs and the strength he has. And what I love this year is he has really picked up his intensity, his leadership, and he is really playing in a tenacious way really all season. It isn't like he just did it this week. He's become a strong leader on our team and defense."

On where his team focuses on improving after last week
"Well, each game is different. There's different schemes offensively and defensively that you have to be prepared for every week, and this week's no different. We can improve in a lot of areas. That's what you're constantly pushing for and that's what we'll try and do this week. We were just off an inch or two from hitting two or three big passing plays a week ago that we'd like to hit. Defensively, we gave up one run the entire day. We'd like to take that away. We had one kick-off that went to the 35-yard line that should have went to the 20 or 15, so we got on Trey pretty good about that."

On how Kejuan Jones has responded since only getting two carries against Missouri
"He's done well. He's realized not to take anything for granted — that here you earn your way all the time every week in the way you play. I think he's more focused and determined then maybe at that time. He can speak to that better than me, but we all like how Kejuan is working and the way he is playing. Kejuan has a lot of toughness and attitude. I'm sure he'll rise up and realize the importance of his play this week, be strong at taking care of the ball and making some plays for us."

On if this year's offense is what he envisioned when he took the Oklahoma job
"Yes, but I realized getting the job that everything doesn't happen overnight — that it would take some time to build. We didn't have, at that time, the offensive linemen and the backs to beat people up and run the football. At the time when we got the job we, I don't want to insult any of the guys that were here, but we didn't have any established quarterback. So, the way we started was the best way to approach it. We felt we'd win more games throwing it around. We could recruit quarterbacks, get receivers and start there and build to this. So, yes, this is what I'd always hoped for, and we still can be better. The last two years we have been around what you really want to do."

On this team's personality compared to others in the past
"I sense they're more focused, very similar to the 2000 year. They're more focused and determined in their approach. They're more grounded, I believe. They have a great sense of humility and respect to them that you like as a coach. They're not all shot in the rear end about themselves. They understand that there's more out there, and there's a good sense of that in the way they come to practice and to meetings. And I do believe that overall we're more talented than we've been. We weren't quite good enough the last couple of years, but I believe we're better overall this year. But again, you have to prove it every week."

On the crowd Saturday against OSU
"That's what you want. When you're going to have near 85,000 people here they need to impact the game. I appreciate that the people got off their seats, jumped in and helped. It creates excitement. It creates emotion. Players can't help but feel it and it can't help but at times bother the opposition when they're trying to communicate and talk and signal. That's what you want, is a home field advantage where the crowd is a part of it."

On Jason White coming back for a sixth season
"We'll see. He'll wait until the end of this year to determine whether he'll come back for a sixth year or not. He won't even consider or think about it until the season is complete."

On how he would separate the one-loss teams in the polls
"I don't know. I guess probably who the loss is against, home or away, margin of victory. I think some of that should enter into it and the quality of opponent. Those are just some of the things off the top of my head that I think would matter."

On if he's a voter in the coaches poll
"Yes. I guess it's pretty obvious I voted us No. 1 last week (laughs)."

On if he changed his vote after last week
"I won't give that away (laughs)."

On if he's ranking Miami ahead of Florida State since they beat them
"I can't give that away either. I vote Miami pretty high. Let's put it that way."

On leaving a legacy at OU that compares to that of Barry Switzer and Bud Wilkinson
"I'm so far from that that it's not something that has come close to entering my mind. I just worry about winning this week and continuing to have a chance at a championship this year, or a couple of them. That's what we're after."

On his job at Oklahoma
"I love what I do. I'm very fortunate. It's amazing that I get to do this everyday. It's almost like not working — being around the players, and going out to practice and the challenges. I thought last week was incredibly exciting. I love it. I couldn't wait to get on the field. That's the hardest part, is waiting for Saturday. And once you're out there it's almost like you almost feel at home. Those are the moments you really like. And like a lot of people, you almost enjoy the before more than the after because you're so anxious to play."

On if his experiences as a coach are better than his experiences as a player
"That's so long ago I don't know if I remember. It's similar I guess in different worlds. You feel challenged and you realize that you have to go out and earn everything you get and it's fun. When I was playing I enjoyed that in a great way. I was all beat up and used whatever I had to play for five years. I remember thinking I'd do it all again if I could play five more. That passes after a year or two and you realize that there's a lot of excitement and thrill in coaching too."

On the impact of Donte Nicholson
"He and Brodeny (Pool) have really boosted the secondary in a big way. And Mike (Stoops) figuring out earlier in the season that Donte was going to be more productive up close and Brodney covers so much ground back there in the middle safety spot has helped us in a big way. Donte just has a stronger physical presence up front and Brodney covers a little more ground back deep. It's made us stronger, definitely.

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