RECRUITING: Three stand out for Doucet

Louisiana WR Early Doucet is considered by many the nation's best. Are the Sooners in his top three?


JH: How is your season going?

ED: "We are 6-2 and 4-1 in district. Our upcoming game Friday will tell us whether we win the district or finish second. This past Friday we won a big game that was one of those rivalry games and we finally won it. This was my first week back at 100 percent (hamstring) and I had a real good game. I had three touchdowns. I threw one, I ran one and I caught one, plus I rushed for 231 yards."

JH: What formation do you guys run and how many different positions do you play?

ED: "We run the spread offense, but we run the straight I-formation out of it. I play quarterback most of the time, and on Friday I got most of my rushing yardage at quarterback. On the touchdown reception I lined up at wide receiver and our wide receiver lined up at quarterback and threw me a touchdown pass."

JH: Obviously, no matter where you line up you can't hide from the defense can you?

ED: "Our coach doesn't try to hide anything with me, because no matter where I line up the defense is going to find me. So, we just have a philosophy of lining up and going straight after our opponent."

JH: Where do you stand in recruiting at this time?

ED: "I have visited Oklahoma and Florida State and those are the only two visits that I have taken so far. I am going to Florida on November 29, then December 12 I will look at Miami. I haven't set up a date yet to visit LSU, but I do plan to visit LSU."

JH: Did you watch the OU/OSU game?

ED: "I caught a little bit of it, but I slept through most of it, because I was so tired from the game. I caught most of the highlights and they looked good. OU always impress me ever since I took my visit there. They are throwing the ball so well and they have such a great defense. Every championship team has to have a great defense and OU destroys their opponents on defense. Then OU has such good wide receivers and running backs that they just control the line of scrimmage."

JH: Do you have a leader in recruiting at this time?

ED: "I still have a list of five schools, but right now my three front runners Oklahoma, Miami and LSU."

JH: Most kids from Louisiana feel a need to stay in state, but do you feel that way?

ED: "I don't feel like I am like the rest. If I am comfortable with Oklahoma that is where I will be, because I don't feel it is a must that I stay close to home. If I am comfortable with LSU then that is where I will go to school. I am not going to be pressured where I am going to school, because it is my decision and I will go where it is best for me. Being close to home isn't the most important thing to me. What is important for me is going to the school that is the best for me and makes me feel comfortable."

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