RECRUITING: Georgia FB ready to check out Norman

Georgia fullback Brannon Southerland talks about his favorites and his upcoming visit to Norman.


JH: How is your season going?

BS: "It is going pretty well. My team is 7- 2 and we made it to the playoffs, but we have one more game in the regular season. Offensively, I have rushed for 680 yards through eight games as I missed one game with a virus. I have scored eight touchdowns and averaging eight yards per carry. Then on defense I have 95 tackles with four interceptions."

JH: What position will play in college?

BS: "Oklahoma and Notre Dame are looking at me just as a fullback, but everybody else is looking at me at fullback and linebacker. I really don't know which one I want to play. I really like to play both so I don't know which one I will play in college. Right now I am pretty open just to go to a school and see where I end up and see where they want to play me."

JH: Are you still visiting OU this weekend?

BS: "Yes, sir."

JH: What are you looking forward to with your visit to OU?

BS: "I am definitely looking forward to checking out Oklahoma. I went to Arizona with my family one time, but that is the only place out West I have been. I just don't know anything about the campus or what the state is like. I know the football program through the media and I can't wait to see it first-hand. I can't wait to experience what Oklahoma football is all about."

JH: What is your visit situation?

BS: "I took an official visit to Notre Dame on September 5th and that went pretty well. It was a very cool experience to see that program up close. I got to watch them play Washington State and got a chance to experience a Notre Dame football game and that was great. I got to meet some of the players and all he coaches and Notre Dame was just a very neat place to visit."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

BS: "I don't really have a leader, but recruiting has been fun so far. I have six schools that I like right now and that is where I am right now. I like Georgia, Florida, Auburn and Florida State, and I have visited all four schools unofficially. I hope to get down to Florida the last week of November to watch them play Florida State."

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