Total Domination: Revenge is sweet for No. 1 OU

Oklahoma defensive linemen Dusty Dvoracek (94) and Tommie Harris (97) sack Texas A&M quarterback Reggie McNeal (16) during the Sooners' 77-0 win over the Aggies Saturday in Norman. The loss marks the worst defeat ever in Texas A&M school history. Game recap, stats and photos coming soon! (AP Photo/Jerry Laizure)

NORMAN, Okla. — A dreary, gloomy Saturday seemed to set the mood for a Texas A&M team that found themselves matched up against an Oklahoma Sooner team that has championship written all over them. As the crowd of 83,641 settled in for the game on this cool November morning at Owen Field, there were questions about a post-OSU letdown and whether or not super-sophomore QB Reggie McNeal could once again run wild on the Sooners. Not only were these questions answered, and answered very early, they were literally erased before the eyes of any that witnessed the complete and utter domination that the Sooners displayed.

Head Coach Bob Stoops couldn't be more pleased with the way his team is playing. To say that they are playing in a, "good way," as Stoops likes to say looks like the understatement of the year at this point. Here is what Stoops had to say after the game:

"Another very solid game. I was really pleased with our players' preparation coming into the game, their focus. Assistant coaches again had an excellent job preparing them. I said during the week that the Wednesday, Thursday practices, even the Tuesday, Wednesday practices were as good as I've seen us practice. Really executing on both sides, offense and defense. Everything we were doing was very sharp and that's pleasing as a coach. Their attention to detail, their focus, being prepared to play – again, I appreciate them and their hard work."

And on the other side, A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione, commented on what had to be a very long and painful Saturday for him and his squad.

"It certainly was a tough day. We ran into a great football team. They played well and we couldn't get anything going. That's a bad combination. We just didn't have any answers today. They deserved to be (ranked) where they are."

As many people have questioned this Sooner team and discussed whether or not this squad had the character to make it to New Orleans, the Sooners put an ever emphatic YES on that question followed by about twenty exclamation points.

Part Two of Oklahoma's revenge tour came to an end as Oklahoma successfully avenged both 2002 losses to Oklahoma State and Texas A&M by a combined score of 129-9.

The Sooners marched up and down the field on A&M, racking up 639 yards on the A&M defense, while maybe even more impressively holding the A&M offense to only 54 yards. Reggie McNeal was not only contained, he was flat shut out. The Oklahoma defense put together another dominating performance, one that left the A&M's total offensive yardage nearly equal to that of the number of plays called – 42 plays for 54 yards.

McNeal had little to say after a long day. Going 4 of 13 passing for 32 yards and rushing for minus 11 yards will do that to you. But McNeal did give the Sooners credit with a classy statement after a long day.

"You've got to give praise to them. They've got a great defense. They are really fast. They deserve to be the No. 1 team and they have the best defense in the nation."

Offensively, the Sooners seemed to score every time they touched the ball, whether on the legs of running backs Kejuan Jones and Donta Hickson, or through the air courtesy of Heisman candidate QB Jason White. A&M could not stop anything that offensive coordinator Chuck Long threw at them, only forcing OU punter Blake Ferguson on the field one time for a 37 yard kick.

Franchione commented on the seemingly merciful 77 points that the Sooners put up.

"If you watch them play, they can really get on a roll and score quick and certainly at home they can make that happen. They did that today. Unless you make some plays, they are going to be hard to stop. No matter what we tried it didn't seem to work. You have to give Oklahoma credit for that."

As for Jason White, he had a pretty decent day…going nearly perfect, 16-18 for 263 yards and 5 TD passes to three different receivers. And to think that the week before there were people were questioning White and if he still deserved to be the Heisman leader?

A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione commented on what he saw from White.

"He had a great day. He was on. He didn't miss a beat. He's as good as any quarterback we've seen this year. He is as premier a player as any we've faced."

What's even more impressive is that White didn't even take a snap in the second half, as sophomore QB Paul Thompson stepped in and successfully took the reigns as he marched down the field for 79 yards on six carries with two TDs.

Mark Clayton, who is quickly becoming not only one of the best wideouts in the Big 12, but also the nation, had another spectacular Saturday with seven catches for 177 yards and three TD's.

The Sooner run game was great as well, even despite the absence of senior running back Renaldo Works, who sat out after being nicked up after last week's Oklahoma State game. Donta Hickson had 24 carries for 131 yards and 1 TD, and Kejuan Jones added to that by carrying the ball 24 times for 120 yards and two TDs.

As for the other side of the ball, well, the score pretty much tells the story there. Zero… as in zero points for the A&M offense, making this the first shutout of the year, (even though one could count last week's game as a shutout as well, but who's counting?). In fact, the Sooner defense was so stingy today that A&M never even crossed midfield.

The Sooners had 33 first downs today, while holding A&M to three. This is the highest margin in first downs in school history between OU and an opponent.

Leave it to colorful junior defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek to put the day into perspective.

"They kicked our butt last year, and we knew they were a good team. We busted our butt all week. I told you all (media) earlier in the week that we had a great week of practice, especially Wednesday/Thursday practices. It's the best week of practice we have had all year. Coach had a great game plan coming in."

"We usually don't let people get us twice."

Just check out this quote from A&M OL Alan Rueber, and you can begin to understand how amazing this team really is. Keep in mind this if from an opposing player.

"They are obviously better than the previous OU teams we have played. They are probably the best team I've played against while I've been at A&M. Their speed is unbelievable. They are well coached, and they play hard. When you have all those combinations, plus they're on a roll this season, it's hard to be successful against that kind of a team. (OU) is definitely the best team in the nation, and I can't see them losing a game this year."

The game started in typical fashion, as the Sooner D stopped A&M for a quick three and out and then took the ball down the field for a successful touchdown drive on a 40 yard strike from White to Clayton. This makes this the 9th game that OU has scored on the opening drive, with last week's OSU game being the only game that the offense failed to do so.

The tone was set from the get-go.

From that moment on, the game seemed like a never ending onslaught, leaving A&M Head Coach Dennis Franchione repeatedly looking at his watch and wondering where to stop on I-35 for a good dinner.

The Sooners never let A&M into the game and never did anything to take themselves out of it either, not giving up the ball with no fumbles and no interceptions on the day.

To watch the 2003 Oklahoma Sooners is to watch near perfection, on both sides of the ball. This squad has begun to not only separate itself from the rest of the nation, but it has begun to separate themselves from some of the greatest Sooner teams of all time.

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