Recruiting: Top Texas linebacker attends OU-Texas

James Hale talks with Arlington linebacker Garnet Smith about his trip to Dallas for the OU-Texas game and gets his thoughts on the Sooners and Longhorns


JH: Did you go to the OU/Texas game?

GS: It was a great game and it gave me a chance to see both teams first hand. It gave me a chance to see how both Oklahoma and Texas react in adverse situations and that was important to me. I learned a little more about both teams in that game.

JH: What did you learn about the two teams from the game?

GS: I definitely learned that OU has a very aggressive defense. Coach Venables and Coach Stoops blitz people a lot and then in their coverage I had a chance to see what they were doing and all the types of coverages that they bring. As far as Texas, they were very aggressive and I definitely liked what they were doing with all their linebackers, especially playing four linebackers. They also blitzed a lot and it seemed that the linebackers were the key to that. I really liked how both teams made their linebackers the corp of the defense."

JH: Now that you have watched the game do you feel you fit in better with one team or the other?

GS: To be honest, I definitely felt I would fit in better with Oklahoma. I watched Rocky Calmus and Teddy Lehman, and saw how active they were, how many tackles they made. I watched Lehman come up with that interception and just watched as they were in on every play. I definitely felt from watching that game that I would fit in better with Oklahoma."

JH: Did you get a feel of what it would be like to play in the game?

GS: I definitely know that it is going to be real nice experience. Before the game I was walking around with my name tag on and a lot of people knew a lot about me. I know fans from both schools know their football, because they would see my name tag and know a lot about me. I think it will be interesting to see how the other team reacts when I do choose a school, because I committed early to Oklahoma and then to Texas. So, when I finally choose a school I know the fans from the other school are going to be angry."

JH: Did the game change your attitude towards either team?

GS: Right now I wouldn't say that the game has changed my attitude towards any team. Oklahoma still has a chance to win the national title, but they were already in that position and Texas has improved a great deal. What the game did was open my eyes a great deal to both teams needs' for linebackers and how a young linebacker could fit into their system."

JH: Does one team need a player like yourself more the other?

"OU would truly need a player like myself more than Texas. OU is very young and they don't have a great deal of linebacker depth. Texas has a great linebacker and they have others waiting in the wings. I am just going to be honest and point out that OU graduates two linebackers after this year and they aren't playing any of their backups at all, so I would have just as good of chance as they would at playing next season."

JH: Is OU and Texas still at the top of your list?

GS: I still have a top five that I am looking at, but Oklahoma and Texas are my top two schools. However, I am still looking at Florida, LSU, Tennessee and Alabama. I don't want to say I have a leader at this point. Like I said last week, I just want to low key everything until my season is over."

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