Recruiting: Rodrique Wright has a leader

Houston (Hastings) defensive tackles talks with about his trip to Dallas to watch the OU-Texas game and who now leads for his services


JH: Did you go to the OU/Texas game?
RW: It was a real entertaining game. It was real exciting to see all the fans out there rooting for their team. I just went straight to the game and I didn't go to the fair. I had to get home right after the game."

JH: Did you enjoy the game as a fan, or did you pay attention to your positions more?

RW: I was just watching the game and both defenses. They both have real good defenses and I enjoyed watching both of them work. It was kind of a defensive game and that was fun to watch. I know that Oklahoma was pretty good inside, and Texas was alright. However, outside I thought Texas was pretty good and they have good linebackers. Both teams play, from a technique standpoint, inside like I want to play in college."

JH: Does the outcome of the game change your thinking on recruiting at all?

RW: No, it didn't change anything.

JH: How is recruiting going with you right now?

RW: It's pretty much the same and nothing has changed. I still like Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, LSU, Tennessee and Kansas State. Texas is still a slight leader with me.

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