White talks about his future

Oklahoma senior quarterback Jason White talked about the possibility of Saturday being his last home game and other subjects during his weekly press conference with the media Tuesday in Norman. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

NORMAN, Okla. — Could Saturday be Jason White's last time to don a crimson jersey in Norman? OU's senior quarterback talked about that topic and much more during Tuesday's weekly press conference in Norman. See below for a complete transcript of White's press conference.

On Mike Lupica saying OU ran up the score against Texas A&M
"I didn't necessarily think we ran up the score. Everybody earns the opportunity to play, and when you get in you want to play hard just like you do in practice. Everybody just played hard. I don't think it was anything to do with running up the score."

On Stoops saying he should have played more because of his past injuries
"As long as you're winning and having fun with it it's always great to see other guys play too. Paul's there every step of the way. He watches film with me after practice. He got to get in and it's good to see him have success."

On if Saturday will be his last game in Norman
"I don't know."

On when he'll know
"After the season."

On if he'll be introduced with the seniors on Saturday

On if he'll play like it's his last home game
"Of course. You never know what could happen after that game."

On what will be the deciding factor in whether he'll come back or not (Question by Dean Blevins)
"I don't know (laughs). Like I said, I'm not going to address that until we're done with the season, but you'll be the first to know Dean (laughs).

On why Dean will be the first to know
"Because he's been bugging me every week (laughs)."

On if he'll talk to pro scouts after the season
"I'm just going to discuss it with Coach Stoops, Coach Long, my parents and see what my options are. There's a lot of different things that could happen between here and then. There's no need to make a decision now."

On if he knows for sure he can get a sixth year of eligibility
"I think it's pretty much a done deal, just with the circumstances that I've had. I'm sure I would know soon (after the season).

On if he knows for sure if he'll go pro if he finds out he'll definitely be drafted
"No. Like I said, I'll talk to you all about that after the season."

On if last Saturday's game was the best he's ever played
"Saturday was the best since I've been here. I guess the completion percentage was the best I've ever had. Any time you've got a completion percentage like that you're happy."

On how the offense can improve
"There's a lot of areas we can improve in. There's certain run game stuff that we're still working on. There's still a lot of the passing game we can improve on. Personally, there's a lot I can improve on. Every team gives you something different. That's the thing about going in every Saturday, your gameplan changes. You don't run the same plays, so every Saturday you're going to be working on something new. Rarely are you going to run the same plays two weeks in a row, so you can't see if you got better at those plays."

On where specific areas he need to improve on
"I don't think I've been as accurate in a few games this year. That's something I can work on at practice throughout the week. I really worked hard on it last week, just staying after practice with the receivers and throwing certain routes that I was having trouble with. I'm still learning. Everyday I learn something new from Coach Long watching film with him. There's a lot of room for improvement."

On if he knew during two-a-days that the offense could be this good
"I think everybody on the offensive side of the ball saw the potential of the offense. We always knew how good our defense was because they're always good. By us going against them every day during two-a-days and having some success against them, it really opened up our eyes. I think a lot of us saw the potential we could have if we improved every week. So far I think we've done a pretty good job of improving every week, but I think there's still a lot of room for improvement on certain things. As long as we keep on improving I think we'll have a chance to be pretty good."

On having a chance to wrap up the Big 12 South on Saturday
"That's one thing we always talk about every week is our goals and what we need to do to achieve them. I don't think it will really set in until we achieve it. We realize they're right out in front of us, we just have to go get them. That's the mindset of the team so far this week. Hopefully that will carry over into Saturday."

On the offensive line's improvement
"They've improved every week in everything. It's neat to watch them on film. You just don't set there and watch yourself when you're going over the game film, you kind of watch everybody else. The attitude they have now, if you watch the first game we played this year and the last game we played this year so far, you can just tell their demeanor on the field is different. That's one of the biggest things they've improved on is their attitude toward the game and their underst

On if the season would be disappointing if they don't win the national championship
"Definitely. It's something that we want to accomplish. I think that this team has set such high expectations that anything less than that would be a disappointment for this team."

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