RECRUITING: Arkansas FB still high on OU?

Conway, Ark. FB Peyton Hillis says he wants to run the ball in college. Does that help or hurt Oklahoma's chances?


JH: How is your season going?

PH: "We are 9-1 on the year and in the playoffs. We are starting the first round of the playoffs this Friday against Lake Hamilton. We are ranked third in the state in Class 5A."

JH: What are your numbers this season?

PH: "I have carried the ball 180 carries for 2,034 yards. I have had a pretty good year up to this point and scored 27 touchdowns and I have one reception for a touchdown for 60 yards. Teams are stacking a lot of people in the box trying to stop us, but we are still having great success."

JH: Have you set any visits yet?

PH: "I haven't set any visits right now except for Oklahoma (12-12). I want to wait until my season is over before I set the rest. I will set other visits with Arkansas, Nebraska, Tennessee and Florida."

JH: How do you feel about Oklahoma?

PH: "They are the same they used to be. They have a great school and great coaches. I just want to know a little more about them. When I take my visit there I will try to find out what I need to know."

JH: Most people assume since you have lived in Arkansas your whole life that you will be a Hog. Is that really the case?

PH: "Yes, I grew up an Arkansas fan my whole life. But I need to make the best decision that is there for me and if that means I need to travel over a thousand miles to go to school then that is what I will do. Norman is six hours from my house and that isn't a big deal to me or my family."

JH: Is there a lot of pressure on you to stay in state?

PH: "There is tons of pressure to stay in state. Everywhere I look or everywhere I turn I either read or hear that I need to become a Hog."

JH: So in reality do the schools like Oklahoma or any of the other schools out of state really have a shot?

PH: "Oh yeah, they have a great shot. Everybody has a real good shot. I haven't even counted anybody out yet. When I start taking my visits then you will see who really has a good chance to sign me. Oklahoma is my top two right now and they are going to have an excellent chance to sign me."

JH: As far as offense goes, which schools have an offense that can give you the opportunity to do what you want to do with the football?

PH: "The offenses at Arkansas and Nebraska, that will let me run the football. They want me to line up at tailback or halfback to run the football, and that is a great interest to me. I don't think I am just a fullback. I know that I am not a 4.4 or 4.5 guy, but I have more speed and power than most backs and I think I can average four yards or more per carry. I just got off the phone with Coach (Cale) Gundy and he told me that I would probably get the ball at least 10 times in a variety of ways at OU. That sounds good, but the fact I want to carry the football in college will drive me to prove people wrong that don't think I can carry the football."

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