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Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops talks about last weeks 14-3 win over Texas in today's weekly press conference at the Barry Switzer Center

On Jason White's performance against Texas
Jason's preparation was outstanding and is an example for all of our players, and we talked about that as a team. As a number two or three player you never know when in the first series, the second series or the third quarter, whether you're going to be asked to be on the field to help us win a game. And when you're going to get that opportunity sometime you better be ready to take advantage of it. Otherwise, you're letting down 110 players and coaches. You never know when that moments going to come. It's also going to define for us if you remain in that position or we go to somebody else if you're prepared for that moment.

Jason is a shining example of being prepared for the moment. Fulfilling all of his dreams. He rose up and played in a great way and was ready for it. That is a credit to his practicing and his attitude along with Coach Long and his preparation with him as well.

On Nate Hybl's injury
He's fine. He's a little sore. In practice yesterday he looked good. Took all the snaps he usually does and looked very good. Like always, the team understands that Jason is always going to be in a position that if we need him then he's ready to go.

On if White will ever be a starter while Hybl is at OU
I can't say what's down the road. I can say going into Kansas this is how it's going to be.

On if White closed the gap on Hybl
There wasn't much of a gap to close. I didn't lie when we said all along how much confidence we had in Jason and how good we felt both of them were. He didn't have any gap to close.

But I also recognize Nate has played pretty well. The whole talk a week ago was bragging on Nate. And in this game, until he got injured, (Nate) was doing very well. He had just completed a very difficult third and 12. So he wasn't playing bad.

On the special teams
Special teams were excellent all game. Vasher had been a great returner for them. We really were excellent with all of our coverage. Outside of missed field goals, our special teams were very good.

On the defense
I don't know what other words you want to use to describe it. Spectacular. Outstanding. Just exceptional to watch it. The pressure that we were able to get, not only with four or five sacks. We were continually in position to force bad throws. Continually in the quarterbacks face, making him make quick decisions.

Our coverage was excellent. Antonio Perkins, redshirt freshman, was very good. Big interception. Had another one right in his hands that could have been returned for a touchdown if he catches it. Andre Woolfolk was a major presence in the game that was a major factor in our defensive performance at corner. Big interception. A lot of great tackles, and a blocked field goal. And then Roy Williams. We've all run out of words to describe Roy and his play. In Back-to-back plays he forced the interception in the endzone, Comes right back and makes a tackle on the kickoff cover team. And then the very next snap they throw the ball downfield to their Roy Williams and our Roy Williams picks it off. He steps up and makes big plays. He's just around the football all the time making plays.

Also, Jimmy Wilkerson was given a game ball. Exceptional day with pressure. A couple batted down balls. Three sacks. Excellent performance. And what's great is as I talk about that there is not a senior in the bunch that I've spoken of. It encourages you for what our future can hold.

On the importance of beating Texas
Everyone understands the rivalry of that game and the importance of that game. Our players are just excited with the way they performed. And again, our assistant coaches for the job they did being prepared to play and for the decisions that they made.

On if he is concerned about Tim Duncan's missed field goal attempts
No, because Tim's our guy. We could throw Jimmy Stewart in there, but Jimmy hasn't been real consistent so what are you going to do? We'll just tell him to kick it through the goal post, or maybe we won't go for as many. We'll see.

I've tried to tell him to hook it more, but that just doesn't work. It's just like people tell me when I'm golfing to just hook it more. I can't do it.

I think last year he had one time in the season where he didn't perform quite up to what he's capable of, but he figured it out, worked through it and he was better by the end of the year. I won't be hesitant to go for field goals. He'll respond and he'll be fine.

On if Andre Woolfolk will stay on defense full-time
I haven't made that decision yet. I want to make sure that whatever we do, Andre feels good about it and is set to do it. We'll see what is the best thing to do for him. But he's a presence. There's no doubt about it.

On Woolfolk making the switch to defense for the Texas game and playing well
Everything he did was excellent. He's a big, physical presence out there. I haven't been around a guy that did it as effortlessly as he does. It's a credit to his athletic ability and his mental ability to be able to do it.

On if Antonio Perkins will more at safety or corner
One or the other. Antonio needs to be on the field more and more. He has been on the field a lot though at corner. He's growing at everything he does and has been a great corner.

On how he has been able to accomplish what he has at OU in the short amount of time, and schools like Texas that haven't with the amount of talent they have under Mack Brown
I don't know. It's hard to put your finger on the one or two factors that have put us in this position. I don't there situation or what he (Mack Brown) walked into at Texas.. But here, our situation was pretty difficult with five straight losing seasons. To turn that all around in this short amount of time and to be where we're at, I credit our assistant coaches. I credit our our players character and willingness to accept us. I credit our administration. Our practice facility was really poor when we walked in here, and right away in our first year we changed our practice facility and got it more functional and better. There have been a lot of people involved in this and I feel fortunate that it continues as it has.

On if it feels good that other schools like Texas are trying to compare there success to what you've done at Oklahoma
I guess you want to be the one that they're comparing too. Texas, I don't know their situation. How people compare to us, I don't know. It's hard to do because there are different dynamics at every school. And how you related them is terribly difficult. I understand how difficult our situation was after five-straight losing seasons, three different coaches. It was not good here was the nicest way I can say it.

On if he buys the theory that Texas has better talent because of the higher ranked recruiting classes
No. I say it a lot in recruiting when people try and bag on players we sign. I say lets wait and see how this all works out, because so much of the time the people that are rating them haven't sat there and watched them, compared to some other people. I think some of that is a little bit for the fans. A little bit to sell magazines. A little bit to sell radio time. To sell this, to sell that. Is it truthful? I don't know. I'm not calling anyone a liar, but I think that's what it does.

I look at our team against a team like Florida State last year. That was everybody's motto, they were so much more talented. Well, in the end as the game unfolded, I'm not so sure that was the case. How you define talent, I'm not really sure. I think we're as talented as anybody.

Do you define talent by players that are in the NFL> If you just look at the number of players that are going into the NFL, you can't deny that defines talent to a point.

On freshman defensive back Antonio Perkins, who intercepted a pass in the end zone against Texas
Antonio is playing very well. He's a young guy that has incredible physical ability. If you want to look at just speed and jumping, he has a 42-inch vertical, he's a 4.3 guy. He likes to play. Has got good hands. He's got a lot of ability. He's growing and maturing and he's got a chance to be an exceptional player. We're very excited and happy with the way he's progressing. He's still a young player that's going to continue to get better.

On if he is concerned about the offensive line's protection with Hybl getting knocked down several times the last two weeks
It isn't just our offensive line's protection. It's also backs and tight ends involved in that. We are working on it and believe we'll improve and make some changes that may help. It's something we're concentrating on.

On if OU is in the drivers seat in the South after beating Texas
Sure. Today, but we've got a lot of Big 12 games coming up. In regards to us and them, it's a half game better than they are now. But still, there's a lot of football games to be played. I say that today, but you've go to earn that every week.

On Jimmy Wilkerson's three-sack performance against Texas
Jimmy's really coming on. He's been a part-time linebacker and a part time d-end and now he's just been concentrating solely on d-end and makes plays. He's a guy that we continually said needs to be on the field. Whenever he's on the field he just keeps making plays. He's getting more and more comfortable at d-end. Getting more pressure. He's really grown in a great way. Coach Wright does a great job coaching him. Jimmy is a wonderful young guy that works hard and has really grown in that position.

On if the defense is performing at a higher level than the offense so far this season
I'm not much on comparing that. That's something that is for all of you and the fans to debate and talk about to sell papers and air time. You win as a team. I've said that last year. I've said that this year. At different times one or the other may have better numbers. Everyone forgets about the kicking game and its involvement in winning a game.

I think last week was a classic example of that. Even though our offense didn't score in the second half they controlled the ball for 20 of 30 minutes. That was big in that game. It created field position. I felt they really performed well in the second half. It helped us a team win that football game. I'm not much on trying to segment. We understand how you win as a team and that's what we focus on.

On freshman receiver Mark Clayton, who had six catches for 65 yards against Texas
We get the opportunity everyday in practice and scrimmages to see Mark and we've been excited about him all along. He continues to get stronger to show that he's a player. He's a guy that can make plays. He's one of those guys that never gets tired. He's got great leg strength and quickness. Catches the ball well. He's a tough competitor. He's going to be a guy that continues to get more and more time and a guy that has earned it. Mark's earned his way on the field and is making a difference.

On if Roy Williams play at the end of the game was "Sooner Magic"
For me to say that would be to demean Roy Williams' play and say that was lucky. Roy Williams sold out, dove over a guy, sees the ball and reaches out and grabs it. I don't believe that was luck. It was a great play by Roy Williams and a great call by Mike to go after them in that situation. You can define it ‘lucky' or ‘magic' and I don't mind that. I'll take all the luck and magic I can get and I Iove that we've had a lot of it here. But I also want to credit our players when they make things happen in difficult situations. Don't take that away from them because they earned it.

On who he wants to win this weekend's Florida State-Miami game with his brother, Mark, currently coaching at Miami
That's easy. I'd want to see anybody beat Florida State, but Miami with Mark being there would really be good.

On what he thinks about Mark coming into Oklahoma and recruiting
He needs to stay out. He's starting to bother me a little bit.

On if he still speaks with his mentor, Florida Head Coach Steve Spurrier, about the possibility of meeting in the Rose Bowl
We talk all the time. Neither one of us will talk about that now. At this point in the year it's all fun for everyone else to talk about. It doesn't have anything to do with us as a team or players or coaches. Just because there is so many games left. Until you're in that position there is no sense in talking about it.

On how frequently he talks with Spurrier and if he still gets coaching advice from him
Usually a couple times a week. In fact, he had something he wanted me to say at the press conference to Texas, but I wouldn't do it.

On if he'll continue to talk with Spurrier if OU and Florida should end up playing each other in the Rose Bowl
Sure we will. Why not? We might go golf. Who knows.

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