Recruiting: Texas LB liked with OU's character

Mesquite, Texas linbacker Aaron Harris talks about his trip to the Cotton Bowl to watch OU-Texas


JH: Did you attend the OU-Texas game?

AH: It was my first time to attend the game. It was great. The fans were all getting into yelling and screaming and that was something to see. The atmosphere was incredible and I can tell it would be a great game to play in. Some of the fans knew who I was. I walked into the stadium with Marco Martin and sat down and a lot of the Texas fans were telling him and me to go to Texas. They knew our names is what was surprised me.

JH: What was your thoughts of the game itself?

AH: Personally, I thought it was a great defensive game and I thought it was to two great teams fighting as hard as they could. I watched the game as a linebacker. I watched the pregame very hard, because I wanted to watch the players that were going through the workouts and I was counting how many were going through. During the game I concentrated on the linebackers and really paid attention to how they were playing and how many young linebackers were on each team.

JH: Did you pay attention to the linebackers and how they played?

AH: The linebackers on each team were pretty similar. Both teams have systems where the linebackers can run and both teams have very fast linebackers. Both teams have dominating linebackers as well. (Rocky) Calmus for Oklahoma is a great player and (Derrick) Johnson is a great player for Texas and both played great games.

JH: Now that you have watched the game do you feel you can help one team over the other?

AH: I think I could help both teams next year. I wouldn't say I could help one team more than another. Both teams can use some linebacker help.

JH: Does the result of the game help you with your decision?

AH: Who won the game will not make my decision where I will go to school. However, it does give me a deeper appreciation for what OU is all about. OU plays with great pride and character and they know how to win games. They play with a great will to win and that is why they are the defending national champs. OU plays with awesome character and that was impressive to watch.

JH: What is up with recruiting?

AH: I might visit Florida State this weekend and if I don't make it this weekend, then I will set one up in the future. I also want to visit Florida, Texas, Texas A&M and OU. I still don't want to say that I have a leader at this time.

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