Recruiting: Dallas LB liked OU's physical style

Dallas, Texas linebacker Kevin Flood talks about his experience at OU-Texas


JH: Did you go to the OU-Texas game?

KF: It was a great experience. Everything from the fans, players and environment was something out of this world. Some of the fans knew me and that surprised me a little bit.

JH: What was your impression of the game?

KF: The game was great. The intensity of the players was real high. The players were playing hard and the linebackers were scrapping hard to the football. The game allowed me to see the great players in the game and it gave me an idea where I stand among those players. Compared to their size and ability I have a long way to go. As far as playing skills, I feel I can play with them, because I think I can run with them.

JH: Do you watch the game as a player or fan?

KF: I watched the game as a player. I evaluate the linebackers during the game and watch how the play compared to my playing style. Both teams had great linebackers, but OU's were a tad more physical.

JH: Did you learn anything different about the two teams?

KF: With Texas they surprised me with the blitz packages they had and their ability to run. I couldn't ask for anything more out of OU and the way their linebackers play. I still look at both teams the same, but I have more respect for both teams now.

JH: How is recruiting going for you right now?

KF: I am trying to keep everything open right now. I have set up one visit thus far and that is to Georgia Tech (12-15). I am also considering Florida, Michigan, OU and Texas. Coach Shipp has been calling and writing me. I am still considering West Virginia, but I don't think I will visit them again. I took an unofficial visit there in the fall.

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