Klein ready to wear crimson for the last time

Senior defensive tackle Kory Klein talks about his career at Oklahoma and his final home game this Saturday against Baylor. Kick-off for Saturday's matchup between the Sooners and Bears is set for 1:30 p.m.

NORMAN, Okla. — Kory Klein will play his final game at the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium on Saturday and finish his career as one of the most respected members of the Sooner football team.

'KK' has been a team leader since his sophomore year both on and off the field. 'KK' doesn't start, but he is treated like a starter by both teammates and coaches a like, and when you look at his bottom line he has been a key part of teams that have experienced a great deal of success during his career.

Earlier in the week 'KK' sat down with OUInsider.com to talk about his successful career at OU.

JH: You have played in so many great games at OU, but with this being your final game at Owen Field does this game have a big emotional attachment to it?

KK: "Definitely, I think all of us seniors are going to savor this week a little more. I think we will all kind of take a step back at the end of the game and reflect on everything. From an emotional standpoint it is going to be a big game knowing that I will never play in the stadium again."

JH: Everybody appreciates you so much, and even I am emotional about your career coming to a close, can't you petition and get another year?

KK: "I will write them and see if I can get another year. You know I am joking, and to be honest I don't know if I could take another year. Everybody has been great to me. You James, and all the media have been professional with the way they treated me. The fans have been great and even my professors on campus seem to appreciate the hard work we as athletes put in. Many people think that professors don't like athletes, but I have never found that to be true. I have nothing but good memories in every single way about my career at OU."

JH: Everybody respects you for your leadership and work ethic, and that is the best way to be remembered don't you think?

KK: "Definitely, that is certainly the case. It makes a big difference when your teammates or your coaches always have good things to say. That is something that I have always tried to do. A lot of people say that action says more than words and I believe that. I will pull a guy off to the side and talk to him and stuff, but luckily we have a lot of good leaders and there are not too many people that you have to get on to."

JH: Talk about the fact that you will leave OU as a tremendous winner.

KK: Oh yeah, and that is one of the things that I looked at when I came here, because one thing that Coach (Bob) Stoops told me is that we were going to try to compete for championships here. We have been fortunate enough to have some good teams that could play a little football and we have won some of those big games."

JH: This may be the greatest team of them all, but you have to finish it. Would you agree that this team is pretty good?

KK: "Exactly, if we can finish things out, and hopefully we can finish things out, then people are going to be saying a lot of great things about us at the end of the year."

JH: How hard will you need to be focused to get up for Baylor this weekend?

KK: "If you can't get up to play a football game, then you shouldn't be playing college football in college. They are coming to come in here to line up and try to hit us right in the mouth, and hopefully we can have a lot of success against them. Especially this weekend being our last game of the year at home, I think the seniors and all the young guys are going to be able to get up for this one."

JH: What would you like to say to the fans that have been crazy supporting you all of these years?

KK: "It has been awesome and so much fun playing for them. I will leave OU with a lot of great memories and the fans are a part of those memories. Talking to them on signing day or after games is something that I always looked forward too, because they are real loyal to us. I have had nothing but great experiences with our fans and I really appreciate it."

JH: I just want to say thank you to you, because I have had a great time covering you during your career at OU.

KK: Thanks, Mr. Hale. I have enjoyed my relationship with you as well. Good luck to you always."

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