RECRUITING: Georgia CB could be OU's next verbal

Georgia athlete Ramarcus Brown talks about his trip to Norman for the OU-Baylor game.


JH: How did you like your visit to OU?

RB: "It went great. It was very exciting for me in a number of different ways. It was my first time on a plane and that was great, but once I got off the plane the players and coaches were great to me. I had a great time."

JH: Did you commit to OU?

RB: "I am very close, but I haven't committed to them. Maybe sometime this week I will make that decision."

JH: What is holding you back from making your decision?

RB: "I talked to Coach Stoops and I told him that I had to come back and talk to my parents about it and see what they think. I am going to talk to them tomorrow evening after school."

JH: You have been leaning to OU for sometime, so when you went on your visit did OU live up to all your expectations?

RB: "It really did. I didn't really know what to expect from my first visit. I have never been on a visit before so you don't what is going to happen, but things couldn't have gone any better for me."

JH: What did you think of the football program itself?

RB: "It was really nice and the facilities are the best that I have seen. I have seen Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Auburn, and none of those are as good as Oklahoma."

JH: What did you think about the game?

RB: "The coaches felt they played kind of bad, but they still won 41-3. They had a sold out crowd and played in front of 85 thousand fans, and that was amazing."

JH: OU is recruiting you as a cornerback, so what did you think of the cornerback position at OU?

RB: "They really get after it and their whole defense gets after it. (Derrick) Strait is great and has great hips and (Antonio) Perkins is very fast."

JH: What other schools are you considering at this point?

RB: "That really doesn't matter anymore, because I think that I am going to go to OU."

JH: How is your high school season going?

RB: "It is going pretty good. We start the playoffs next week. We are 5-4-1, but 5-3 in the region. I have four interceptions and have 48 tackles to go along with nine breakups. At running back I have 950 yards rushing."

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