Recruiting: Plano OL has Sooners in top four

Plano (East) OL Justin Blalock talks about recruiting and his trip to the OU-Texas game


JH: Did you go the OU-Texas game?

JB: It was a really great experience. We had a practice that morning, and when we were done I then went to the game. The atmosphere was electrifying as everybody, on both sides were standing the whole game, screaming and hollering. I wasn't surprised how crazy the fans were, but I was surprised about how crazy they got. It was interesting because on every play one side of the stands was going crazy and the other was totally quite. Then when a team scored again one side would go nuts and the other would be disappointed.

JH: What was your impression of the game itself?

JB: I was surprised of the inability of both teams to run the ball. Texas has all the offensive linemen in the world so you would think they should be able to pound away, but that didn't happen. I was surprised the game was as much of a defensive effort, especially when you compare it to last year. I thought Oklahoma did well, considering the fact their offensive line isn't as high-profile. Oklahoma gets the most out of their players. The score of the game just shows you how well the defenses were playing.

JH: Did you come away with a different impression of either team following the game?

JB: It was impressive to me how Oklahoma, who reportedly doesn't have the talent Texas has, came away with the victory. That shows the quality program that they have and that certainly stuck in my mind. The result of the game certainly doesn't hurt me in my decision-making process, but there is so much more to consider in making my decision. It certainly doesn't hurt OU that they won the game, but it won't be a deciding factor for me either.

I am starting to narrow my choices down to my top schools. I like Florida, Michigan, Texas and Oklahoma in no particular order. Nebraska, Ohio State, Northwestern and Arkansas are vying for the fifth visit.

Oklahoma graduates both their starting tackles and they don't have any players with any experience coming back, so there is an opportunity to go there and play next year. Ohio State is the only other school that could provide me with the same opportunity in the offensive line to play early.

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