Recruiting: Coveted Texas athlete has big game

Garland, Texas athlete Edorian McCullough talks about his big game and where the Sooners stand


JH: I understand you had a big game last weekend, is that true?

EM: Yes, I rushed for 339 yards against South Garland last week and scored four touchdowns. It was great for me because South Garland is our biggest rivals. I had two touchdown runs that were over 60 yards and I averaged 11 yards per carry. I felt real good about my performance, because I was wanting to rush for over 200 yards all year and I finally had that kind of game.

JH: What are your season stats?

EM: I don't know what my season stats are, but I am the second leading rusher in the area. I also play cornerback and I have some colleges recruiting me at cornerback. I don't get challenged very much on defense and I have had only one ball caught on me all year.

JH: Did you go to the OU-Texas game?

EM: Yes, the crowd was so good and the atmosphere was something that I liked a lot. I was sitting in front of two crazy fans that were making me laugh the whole game. They were Texas fans and they were talking to me the whole game. They weren't very happy at the end of the game.

JH: Did you come away from the game feeling any differently about either team?

EM: Not really, because I feel like I like both teams. Texas didn't lose anything with me, by losing, because they just came up short. However, Oklahoma was great too, but their win won't influence my decision.

JH: How is recruiting going for you?

EM: Coaches are calling me and always asking me about last weeks game and asking me if I am interested in their schools. I am interested in Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Miami, Michigan and Michigan State. I have not set up visits with anybody at this time.

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