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Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops talked about the rumors that his brother Mike (pictured left) has already accepted the job to become the new head coach at Arizona after Wednesday's practice. (AP Photo/Jackson Laizure)

NORMAN, Okla. — Oklahoma Co-Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops would not talk about his pending job status with Arizona after Wednesday's practice. But shortly after practice OU Head Coach Bob Stoops came out of the locker room to track down members of the media to deliver this message about his brother's status.

"There have been television and radio reports that Mike has already been offered the job and already accepted it, which is not true," said Bob Stoops after practice. "Mike has not been officially offered a job, and has not agreed to take the job at Arizona.

"We have come to find out that reports from local media, TV stations, as well as radio stations are quite often wrong in trying to jump one another to be the first guy to have a story," Stoops continued. "Again, they are wrong and none of that is offical and none of that is even close to official.

"I think the people in this area have come to realize, I guess, due to my situation that has happened, that quite often as reporters try to beat one another to the story they don't cover it correctly. That is exactly what has happened again."

At this point we know that Mike Stoops has talked with Arizona and that he is the leading candidate to take over the head coaching duties for the Wildcats sometime next week following the Sooners game with Texas Tech this weekend.

Whether or not everything will fall in line for Mike Stoops at Arizona still remains to be seen, but if it is not Arizona then it could be a number of other jobs that could be open soon. However, it is known that Mike really wants the job at Arizona and that if the money is right for him and his assistants, then it is safe to assume that Mike Stoops will soon be the coach for the Wildcats.

Just when that might be, or if it will be and how it would be handled at Oklahoma was talked about by Sooner Head Coach Bob Stoops following his press conference on Tuesday. Coach Stoops addressed several questions on the subject of his younger brother being a head coach in charge of his own program.

Media: Why do you feel that Mike will be a success as a head coach?

BS: "Mike has been a winner everywhere he has been as a player and a coach, and he has been around great people and I am not including myself in that category. He has been around all the great coaches at Iowa and his great experiences at Kansas State and then his experiences here. He has been a part of rebuilding programs such as part of the rebuilding process at Iowa and Kansas State. Mike coached the secondary at Kansas State and when he left there they had the number one defense in the country, and he has been a big part of building this program over the last five years. I say this in a humble way, that there is nobody more like me than him. He has the passion, expertise and the knowledge that is needed to win football games and build a winning program."

MEDIA: What do you think is funny about those programs that want an offensive minded guy over a defensive minded coach?

BS: "That is what they said at first here, even Berry (Tramel) said that at one time. A lot of people here really took a chance by hiring a defensive guy. It took a lot of guts by Joe Castiglione when they thought that they already had a good defense here at the time, and you guys (media) did to and then to hire a guy who is a defensive coordinator. We were at the bottom of the league in every single offensive category and to hire a guy who is the defensive coordinator at Florida took a lot of guts. But again, if you understand defense then you understand overall what it takes to have a good offense. To me, people shouldn't categorize an offensive or defensive guy in a head coach. If you are looking for coordinators sure, but if you are looking for a head coach you need to do what is overall good for your program and that is to be good in all areas."

MEDIA: How do you feel Mike would get along with administration, boosters and how well would he recruit as a head coach?

BS: "Mike is very personable with everybody he meets and he has always been great with our player's families in recruiting and once they sign with us. Mike is going to have no problem in this area at all or any area where personality is part of the equation."

MEDIA: Would you have any problem with Mike taking any coaches off of your staff?

BS: "I have never been a guy that has any problem with a coach that wants to go somewhere else, because if he wants to go somewhere then I don't want him here. I really don't know, but I don't believe anything that happens is going to hurt us. Obviously, losing Mike will be something that will definitely hurt us, but again I believe with all of us (coaches) together here we can still get the job done."

MEDIA: How would you handle it on your staff is Mike leaves?

BS: "We would prepare like we always do. If Mike leaves I would be standing in for him through the bowl game with the DBs and Brent (Venables) would move up to run the defense. I would make sure when Mike got a break over the holidays that he would come back and make sure that I am not screwing everything up in the secondary. Again, we would include him in our bowl in whatever capacity that he is able to do, whether it is just to come down and advise or be at a certain number of practices to have his input and help."

MEDIA: Would that be fun for you to take over the DBs for the bowl game? You can do that a little now, but you don't do it much right?

BS: "Yeah, that is right, because Mike won't let me. He knows that I will screw everything up. It would be a great and a lot of fun for me. If the secondary plays bad then you can blame me." will continue to track this story and report you the facts as they develop.

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