Chijioke says he's still a Sooner

Junior College cornerback Chijioke Onyenegecha talks about the USC rumors, his eligibility status and when he'll arrive in Norman.


JH: There are rumors on all the Southern California boards that you have changed your mind and will enroll at USC in January instead of OU. Is that true?

CO: "I am not talking to any other school and I don't appreciate that kind of talk. Right now I am working hard on my schoolwork and I am going to get that finished up and then I am going to enroll at OU in January and that is it."

JH: So, those rumors kind of rumors bother you?

CO: "Yes, because nobody but you is talking to me. You get what I am all about and I don't see who these other people can make comments about me when they don't talk to me."

JH: What are you progressing on your exit test?

CO: "I am very ready to take the exit test. I have been studying hard for it and very confident that I am going to pass it. Everything is set up for me to take that test next week. It is a math test and I have studying for it for weeks. I took quite a bit of math here and I have been studying also since I have been out of football."

JH: How is your hamstring?

CO: "I am running hard on it and I am close to 100 percent. I am running at about 75 percent, but I am not quite ready to push it to 100 percent yet. I am stretching it and working hard on it and at this point I am sprinting and cutting on it and it feels good. I feel fine on it right now and I think I will be 100 percent or very close to it when I get to OU."

JH: If things had worked out for you then you would be playing with the number one team in the country right now. How tough is it to sit out and miss this season?

OC: "It is very tough, because I like to compete. OU is having a great season and I wish I could be playing for them. This is the first break that I have had and in some respects it is good, but I have to be very patient because it is just tough to watch from the side. When I get to OU I am going to work very hard to be the best football player I can be."

JH: Are you still in good shape?

CO: "Yes, very good. I still have to get my hamstring back to 100 percent. I weigh 200 pounds right now and I am watching what I eat. I can't wait to get to OU and starting eating all that great food and to get into their off-season program."

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