RECRUITING: DE says it's a two horse race

San Jose, Calif. defensive end Jeff Schweiger talks about his season and his top two favorites.


JH: Are you guy still on course to win the state title?

JS: "We just have to win three more games and then we are good. We are 8-2 on the season and we are favored to win the state title. We will play Willow Glenn this Saturday."

JH: How well are you playing?

JS: "I am doing real good. I don't have all my stuff with me at the moment, because they are at home. I am at my friends house playing poker and having some fun."

JH: Are teams doing a lot of strange things trying to block you?

JS: "I am getting a lot of attention with some double teams, but I am still having a real good year. I have improved my athletic ability so much that I am just beating all the plays that are set up to beat me. However, nothing has stopped me thus far this season."

JH: Will you go straight into track once your season is over?

JS: "I am going to start lifting really hard once our season is over, because I want to go to college and start as a freshman. I know that is a big goal, but I really feel I can do it."

JH: How is recruiting going?

JS: "It is going very good. My top two is still OU and USC. I am pretty neutral with both of them right and it is a dead heat between the two. I am not a lean to USC like some people think and I am not sure why some people feel that I am up, because I don't give them that impression. I do like USC a lot, but I like OU the same way."

JH: What is your visit situation?

JS: "I have already been Michigan. I know that I am going to visit OU and USC for sure and I am not sure if I will visit anybody else. I will probably go to OU on December the 12."

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