Stoops talks about Kansas State

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops talks about the Sooners' Big 12 Championship game matchup with Kansas State. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Below are excerpts from OU Head Coach Bob Stoops' weekly press conference on Tuesday. Stoops answered several questions about next weekend's Big 12 championship game against Kansas State.

On preparing for Kansas State
"The players will be off for three days (Thursday through Saturday) and return Sunday late afternoon and pick up where we left off with our preparation with Kansas State — a very good football team as you watch them the last six games the way they've played and have won convincingly in all of those games. We all know they're always well-coached. You look at them athletically — they have a lot of big play guys and are always well-disciplined in the way they play."

"It's another big challenge. Even though we're 12-0 our players realize that our main goals are right in front of us — to win a Big 12 Championship and then to continue pursue a national championship. We're on track for those, but they're still out there in front of us. Our players understand that, so we're anxious to go pursue the rest of them."

On if Kansas State's defense still likes to blitz and attack
"Not as much. They run a little more zone coverage and don't blitz as much as they had in the past. But like everybody, I'm sure we'll see some (blitzes)."

On if he considers the Kansas State game a rivalry
"I don't know. What are rivalries? It's a big game. That's how we look at it. We look at it as a big game. They've won the North, we won the South, and we're both after a Big 12 Championship. That's as big as it comes."

On not having a game the weekend before the Big 12 title game
"Someone will eventually write that — that this is absolutely the best scenario to go into the Big 12 Championship game. Our players get extra work. We have always in all our games where we've had extra work been pretty good. They also get time to sit and visit with their families and relax on Thanksgiving and not have to worry about how much turkey they eat, and get back and still have extra time to work for the game. For pursuing championships and putting yourself in a championship position, this is the best scenario."

On playing on a December night in Kansas City two years in a row
"It is what it is. I don't govern this conference. I'm a coach that does his best to win a game and get ourselves in a position to win it. That's what we have to do to win it, and that's what we're going to try and do. That would be for other people to answer to, not me."

On if he'd rather play the game indoors
"I'd rather play it in Kansas City December 6th at night. It's as good as it gets, until they change it (laughs). And then that situation will be as good as it gets (laughs)."

On if he takes any pride in Kansas State turning their program around
"Absolutely. I take great pride in the seven years I was at Kansas State. From the beginning when no one thought we could do anything from the first week Coach Snyder was hired, through seven years there when we left we had the No. 1 defense in the nation. I feel a great sense of accomplishment from being there. One of our former players was by practice yesterday on his way from Dallas to Kansas City who stopped by to see me. Players we coached there still stop by and are very close to me. It was a great time of my life and I grew a lot as a coach. But like a lot of things, parts of your life run their time and it's time for something different. Now that I've been removed for quite a few years from Florida to here, it's another big game. I don't go in holding any other different emotions. Competing for a championship — that's all that you're thinking about and you're going against another team. So you do the best you can to win it."

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