RECRUITING: Is OU still No. 1 with Peterson?

America's top-rated running back talks about his interest in Oklahoma after his visit to USC.


JH: Happy turkey day, what is up?

AD: "Not much, I am just chilling man."

JH: I am glad you get to chill, because you are now playing basketball. What happened to you guys in the playoffs?

AD: "I know it was hard to lose that game. We had chances to win the game. In the second half we came up with the ball deep in their territory, but we just didn't capitalize inside the red zone. That is really what killed us. In the fourth quarter we had turnovers on good drives and that killed us as well. We had one real good chance in the fourth quarter, but we opened things up and tried to pass the ball trying to save time on the clock, but they played good defense against us."

JH: How good of a basketball player are you?

AD: "I am pretty good. I play center and power forward and average about 12 points per game. We have a 6-5 guy that plays most centers defensively."

JH: You just visited Southern California. What did you think of the Trojans?

AD: "It was real great. I had a good time and really enjoyed myself."

JH: Did you get a chance to run into Monica again, who you met on your visit to UCLA?

AD: "Yeah, I ran into her at the game. It is funny how it happened, because I was sitting down with my group and I went to the restroom. I was walking around the stadium and somebody just called out my name and I looked around and it was her. We talked for about 20 minutes."

JH: Is this a romantic story that we can write novels about or make movies about?

AD: "We are real cool and talk on the phone all the time, so it is going pretty well."

JH: How does recruiting stack up with you right now?

AD: "Really the same, but I guess USC has moved up a little bit."

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand at this point?

AD: "They are still at the top."

JH: Is Oklahoma is still your leader?

AD: "Yes."

JH: What is left in recruiting for you? Don't you have a trip to Miami left?

AD: "Yes, sir. That is in sometime in December, but I don't remember the date."

JH: Are you coming to Oklahoma on the 12th of December.

AD: "Yes, sir."

JH: Did you have a chance to see the OU/Texas Tech game?

AD: "Yes, sir. It was a pretty good game. I thought it was going to be a little closer, because coach (Mike) Leach is doing a good job at Tech. OU was too good and it wasn't close at all."

JH: What did you think of OU's running game against Tech and how they worked to establish that running game all night?

AD: "I like a team that doesn't give up on the running game, and OU doesn't ever give up on their running game. Plus, they throw the ball to the running backs as well."

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