Bob talks about Mike's departure to Arizona

Mike Stoops (pictured left) waits to be introduced as Arizona's new football coach Saturday afternoon in Tuscon. See inside for OU Head Coach Bob Stoops' comments about losing his brother to Arizona and what the future holds without him in Norman.

NORMAN, Okla. – Saturday was a bittersweet day for OU Head Coach Bob Stoops, as his brother and Co-Denfensive Coordinator, Mike Stoops, was named the new Head Coach at the University of Arizona Head Coach at a press conference Saturday afternoon in Tuscon. And just moments ago, spoke with OU's head coach about his brother's new job and what the future in Norman without him.

JH: What are you thoughts to Mike being named as the head coach at Arizona today?

BS: "All of us here, the coaching staff, players and myself are excited for Mike and very happy for him. We couldn't be more happy for Mike to be in a position to have an excellent head coaching job, with a bunch of good people who are interested in winning. The way that we all look at this is that this is a great positive.

"Personally, I have a great sense of pride. First, because he is my brother and how he has worked and earned this position. Mike is more than ready and capable and I am sure he will have a great deal of success. We are also proud as a program, because this represents, I believe, our players accomplishments and achievements, and our teams' accomplishments and achievements over the last five years that has brought a lot of recognition to our coaches. To have another one of our own going out to be a head coach is a positive and a good thing. I am proud in a lot of ways. First, as a brother, and second to have another head coach on our staff represents again the amount of success we have had here."

"On top of that, we will continue on as Mike will be back and work with us next week. He will prepare diligently, as he always does, and he wants to win the Big 12 Championship as much as anybody here today and that won't change. After that, Mike will do his recruiting and do his work for Arizona, while we do ours here at Oklahoma. After recruiting breaks whatever assistance Mike can give us, which he will be able to, he will come back and give us some assistance. I will work with the secondary in meantime and through the bowl with Brent Venables, and I am sure Mike will be able to contribute and contribute greatly.

"In the meantime, after the Big 12 Championship game, and in that game Brent will take over as the Defensive Coordinator calling the plays with Mike's assistance, I will hire a secondary coach when I feel ready. I am not going to get into questions about that and I won't be taking calls. I am not interested in hiring a guy anytime real soon. I still believe I know what is going on in coaching defensive backs and I can handle it through the bowl game if I need to. When I am ready to hire a guy then I will hire him. Also, at this point no other assistant coaches intend to leave here, so that can end that speculation as well."

JH: Would you address Brent's readiness to take over?

BS: "Brent has been with us from the beginning. He has been a great coach and he played within this system through Kansas State and here. He has been with Mike I don't know how many years, and Brent has already been a major factor in our success, so he will just continue with it. Again, I hope everybody recognizes the great contribution that Mike contributed to this program, its success and the way he has run the defense has just been amazing. I guess sometimes that goes without being said, but I just appreciate it in a great way the mark that Mike has left here at OU."

JH: Bob, you are saying that no assistants are leaving at this time?

BS: "No."

JH: How emotional of a day was it for you?

BS: "I am not going to get in to all of that. You guys make too much of that, and that is between Mike and I. It is not emotional really. Mike is my brother and he is going to be with me forever. He is going to be in a different state, but we will be in touch all the time and we will always stay close. He is going to be back here tomorrow, so what do I need to do get all broke up about it?

JH: Is Mark (Stoops) going with him?

BS: "That is possible, but I don't know if that has been decided yet."

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