Recruiting: Justus has Oklahoma near the top

But do the Sooners now lead for the talented Perry tight end?


JH: I hear you are having a fantastic season?

CJ: We are currently 5-2 on the year and 3-1 in district play, which currently puts us in second place in district. We lost to Perkins and Chisolm this season. I am playing pretty well. So far I have 31 catches and six touchdowns. On defense, I play defensive end and I have 16 sacks at this point and 45 tackles this season. I am playing H-back on offense and teams are putting a man right on top of me. When I don't have another receiver on my side they will put a cornerback on me. Right now I am faster than most of the cornerbacks that are covering me.

JH: Since you are playing H-back, will you play that position in college?

CJ: I think I will be a tight end in college. All of the schools are predicting me to gain quite a bit of weight.

JH: What was your impression of Trent Smith's 11-catch, four touchdown performance against Kansas?

CJ: I liked that a lot, because I like to catch the ball a lot. I try to watch a game like that as a player, but most of time I end up watching the game as a fan. I don't pay that much attention to what kind of schemes a team is running.

JH: Will the game that Trent had have any effect on your decision.

CJ: Not really. I think it is great that Trent (Smith) had such a great game and he is a great tight end, but I still have to look at all the other schools and see what they have to offer as well. I guess in the end it might make a little difference, but we will have to see.

JH: How is recruiting going for you at this time?

CJ: I have my recruiting down to the five schools that I want to visit. They are Oklahoma, Miami, Michigan, Florida State and UCLA. Oklahoma and Miami are still at the top of my list. My feelings about both schools are still pretty much the same. Miami might have a little bit of an edge, because they have less tight ends on scholarship and I might have a better opportunity to play early in my career.

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