Basketball Recruiting: Bookout down to four

Stroud basketball standout Kevin Bookout is down to four schools, but is he still leaning to OU?


JH: Did you go to Arkansas this weekend?

KB: No, I went to Kansas this weekend for their basketball bash. I am going to try to go to Arkansas before the early signing date. Then, I went to the OU game and sat two rows behind the OU bench.

JH: How was KU's late night bash?

KB: The bash was a lot of fun. There was about 17-thousand fans there and it was amazing. The crowd was great and the players were great. The OU game was pretty good. OU started off pretty slow and I had to leave at halftime, because we had some dinner reservations. When I left OU was leading only 17-3.

JH: So, you are not going to Arkansas this weekend? Did your visit to Kansas change your opinion of Kansas at all?

KB: I will probably be in Norman this Friday, because I want to go to their bash and have some fun. I got a feel for Kansas and had a chance to see what they are like. I kind of have an interest in them and I got a chance to see what it would be like to go to school there.

JH: How is recruiting going for you at the moment?

KB: I have my decision down a little bit. I am still looking hard at OU, OSU, Arkansas and Kansas pretty hard. I would think that I am still leaning towards OU a little bit.

JH: What kind of track program does KU have?

KB: Kansas has a pretty good track program and their throwing coach, Doug Reynold,s is pretty well-known. When I look at track programs I have to look at the throwing coach and not the overall track program.

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