Recruiting: White talks about visit to Washington

San Diego LB Scott White talks about where the Sooners stand after his visit to Washington


JH: Are you still having a great season?

SW: We are still doing well as a team at 4-1 on the year. Last week I had 17 carries for 145 yards and a touchdown and on defense I had 19 tackles. I am averaging about 15 tackles a game.

JH: You visited Washington the weekend before last, how did that go?

SW: It went well. I had a great time with the players and coaches. I fit in very well there and I feel comfortable. There wasn't anything that I didn't like about it. The players are all cool, and so are the coaches. It was similar to the Oklahoma visit as I liked both of them a lot. The weather at Washington is closer to what I am used to in San Diego. Both cities have there rainy season. The only part of the weather that I am worried about at Oklahoma is the summer. I think people misunderstood me a little bit. I am not used to summers like they have in Oklahoma, but it is not anything that I can't get use to.

I don't have a leader at this point. I like Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Ohio State. Maybe LSU, but I hear that LSU has a lot of racism there, but I still might take a visit there on September 1st. I just want to make an informed decision and I have a lot more information to gather. If I had to choose a college today, I wouldn't be going to college, because I have so much to learn still about all the colleges I am considering. From the two colleges I have visited thus far I have learned so much about what to expect in a football program and a college. I would have to say that Oklahoma has the edge from a football standpoint, and Washington has the edge culturally. Washington has a pretty good football program, but it is not as good as Oklahoma's. One problem I do have with Oklahoma is that they are recruiting a number of linebackers. I realize they have to and really I will have competition no matter where I sign. I like competition and I am not scared of it, but I have to do just like every other recruit does and think about how many players they are going to have at my position.

JH: Are you still planning to take more visits?

SW: I want to go to Oregon and Colorado, but I haven't set dates yet. I will either visit LSU or Ohio State for my fifth visit. I am hoping to take all my visits before December, because there is the California and Florida high school game and I am going to play in that game. That game is early in January and we will be practicing all through December, so I can't take any visits then. I am still wide open and I really want to take a look at all five schools and give them an equal chance. Right now, I would have a very tough decision.

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