White: "I'm just glad I came to play here"

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talked about his time at Oklahoma and a variety of other topics at his weekly press conference last week in Norman. White has thrown 40 touchdown passes and only six interceptions this season. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

NORMAN, Okla. — Oklahoma quarterback Jason White is becoming just as popular off the field as he is on the field. The senior from Tuttle, who joined head coach Bob Stoops in hosting a weekly press conference every Tuesday at the Switzer Center in Norman, actually drew just as many questions from the media during his session as Stoops did. Below is a complete transcript of White's press conference.

On defenses blitzing him and leaving man-to-man coverage on the receivers
"From the Baylor game, a lot of people saw us give up some sacks that game. Texas Tech tried to do the same thing — brought zero coverage a lot — and our receivers did a good job. You gotta get the ball off before they get there. Our receivers did a good job of getting open and getting off that man press."

On what defenses are trying to do to stop him
"We've seen a lot of different defenses this year. It just happens the last two have had a lot of blitzes. We've seen pretty much every defense this year that we'll see."

On the offensive numbers that he has put up this year
"I think the only numbers that we're real worried about is that 12-0. That's really all that matters to us."

On the players getting some time off for Thanksgiving
"It's always good. It's always good for the guys on the team to get home, especially the guys that live in Texas and different states. Everybody will get a chance to go home and get away from football for a couple days. A lot of people are banged up and bruised, and it gives them a lot of time to heal. We'll be ready to again Monday though."

On life in Tuttle, Okla.
"Tuttle is ... Tuttle. (laughs). There's not much to do. Either you're playing sports or farming. There's really not much to do. If you want to do something you've got to go to the city. Basically, that's why I started playing sports."

On the talk of him and the Heisman
"It's a great award and it's a privilege to be categorized with some of the players that's in it that goes to the best college football player. Our goal isn't for individuals to win awards, our goal is to win the national championship. We'd much rather have that than win an individual award."

On if he ever stops and thinks about if he's the best college player in the nation
"I don't ever think about it. I know without my teammates I'm not anything. I'm not real worried about that."

On the report that Coach Stoops said saying he would come back for a sixth year
"I'm going to sit down with a lot of different people and talk about my options for next year. As of now, I'm not real worried about it. I'll decide on that in January. I'm sure I'll have a lot of good opinions, so whatever decision I make will be a good one."

On if he comes back will he have to enter graduate school
"Yeah, I'll graduate in May, so next year I'd have to work on my masters (laughs)."

On if he ever thought he would get a masters degree
"No. (laughs)"

On being an Oklahoman playing for Oklahoma
"Just growing up in this state and playing for the team in that state, I just think that's great. It's great for all the other younger kids who have a chance to play college football. It gives them an opportunity to succeed in their home state instead of going somewhere else. There's not many other places I'd rather be right now. I'm just glad I came here to play."

On if remembers Troy Aikman being from Oklahoma and playing from OU
"Yeah, I used to go to Eufaula Lake all the time and on the way you'd pass by Henryetta, so I've always seen the signs. He's a hometown guy who went to Oklahoma and eventually transferred, but he's from Oklahoma and will always be remembered as being from Oklahoma."

On who he patterns his style after
"I think the guy that I really looked up to growing up was Brett Favre. I like the things he's accomplished in the NFL and the toughness he brings to the game. He's got 100 and some consecutive starts. That's incredible, especially for a quarterback. The amount of things he goes through to keep playing — right now he's got a broken thumb. It's great to see him out there. I like the way he plays and I think he's a great quarterback."

On not having thrown an interception in his last three games
"The last three games I just haven't forced things — just kinda gone through my reads and if nothing's there just dump it off or throw it away. Just really not taking that chance of forcing it. That's just part of maturing as a quarterback."

On if he rather defenses blitz him or play back
"I don't think either one would be great. The thing about zero coverage is that you might not get every ball off, they might get you a couple times. You've just got to keep plugging and stick with it because eventually one is going to pop, just like the one to Mark on Saturday at the first of the game. Our first three passes nothing even happened, and that play came up and all of the sudden it's a big gain. It kind of gave the offense confidence and was good from there on."

On how he feels on making the Football Writers All-American team along with Mark Clayton
"Great. I think the biggest thing is, as Mark would probably say too, is that the guys on the team make us. Without the offensive line playing so well this year we wouldn't have the pass game or the run game. I think it's a compliment to everybody on the team."

On how he feels for Clayton to also make the team
"It's awesome. I think Mark's probably the best receiver in the country. The plays he makes are incredible. It's not the things he does with the ball, it's the things he does without the ball. If you watch him on film he's always working. If he's 20 yards from the ball he's always blocking somebody, he's not just standing out there relaxing because he's one of the best receivers in the nation. He's always working, and it really shows."

On watching Clayton run after he catches the ball
"It's just incredible. The way he makes people miss and the feel he's got for people around him, you just kind of sit back and wonder what he's going to do next. It seems like every time you try and think what he's going to do he turns around and does something else. It's awesome to watch from behind him."

On if Clayton should be mentioned for the Heisman
"Like I said, I think he's the best receiver in college football. He should be up there. I think he should be mentioned with everybody else.

On if he's seen Pitt receiver Larry Fitzgerald play
"I've just seen a couple highlights just on TV. I've never actually seen a whole game."

On going up against Derrick Strait in practice
"The whole defense is that way, so you really don't have any choice. You either have to go right at him or you're just not going to get anything done. Just the other day I threw a hitch route and he was in cover three and he came up and picked it off. His reaction time to that was so fast he would've scored on that too, because I wouldn't have caught him. Derrick's a great player. The things he's been through — not many people talk about. He's had some injuries in the past and not many people talk about him coming back. He's been through just as much as I have, and he's come back in his senior year and he's probably going to be one of the top picks in the draft. I think he's a great story."

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