RECRUITING: Doucet still speaking highly of OU

America's top receiver, Early Doucet, talks about his season stats, final three and interest in OU.


JH: What happened to your high school team in the playoffs?

ED: "We were unfortunate in the game. The team that beat us was the better team that night, but we had a pretty good season. I didn't have as good of numbers as my junior year, but I was injured quite a bit my senior year. We made it to the playoffs with a lot of juniors and that is good for the future of the program. We played the number one team in the state pretty good, certainly much better than a lot of people expected."

JH: What were you season statistics?

ED: "I rushed for 875 and 16 touchdowns and I threw for 770 and 10 touchdowns. I had 300 yards receiving and five touchdowns. I ran two punts back for touchdowns."

JH: You played so many positions in high school, so are you looking forward to just playing one in college?

ED: "I enjoyed playing a bunch of positions in high school, but in college I am looking forward to concentrating at receiver. I think it is good that I can play other positions, because then I can become more valuable to my team at the next level. If they want to play me at a couple that will be fine with me. I never have thought about going both ways. I am an offensive player, but if the team wanted me to play in the secondary, I would learn the position and be a team player."

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

ED: "I have visited Florida State and Oklahoma so far. I will visit Miami (12-12) and LSU (1-16) and then I hope to make my decision after that. I don't have a leader, but I have three schools that I am really looking at right now, and they are Oklahoma, LSU and Miami."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

ED: "I really am impressed with Oklahoma, because most teams at the elite level get cocky and Oklahoma is humble. I talk to Mark Clayton quite often and he is a very humble guy, but he may be the best wide receiver in the country. All the guys are that way and despite my success in high school, I have always tried to remain humble, and that is the type of program that I want to play for. The coaches are always upbeat and those are the kind of guys that I wouldn't mind always been around. They are very good motivaters and there is nothing fake about them. It is a great program, but one that always works hard and never takes anything for granted. It seems the team is always getting better. And despite being very good, that is a credit to them that they are striving to get better."

JH: What are your thoughts on LSU and Miami?

ED: "LSU is the home school and the school of the state. I have been able to get around there from time to time during my high school career. I got to know a lot about the program and I think LSU is a program on the rise. Every team has their years in the limelight and LSU is one of those teams that is among the elite. They were down a little bit, but have come back.

"Miami has always been on top and they produce many NFL players. A person looking to make it at the next level should have that school on their list. They have a real good program and they work hard. Miami is just Miami. They are a great program."

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