RECRUITING: Will coaching change affect Waco CB?

Waco cornerback Marcus Walker talks about his recent visits and Oklahoma losing Mike Stoops to Arizona.


JH: You have liked Oklahoma for sometime, but they lost their secondary coach Mike Stoops. What are you thoughts on that development?

MW: "That doesn't affect my thoughts on Oklahoma one bit. If anything it might affect what I think of some other schools, but it doesn't affect what I am thinking about Oklahoma. OU is only losing half of their secondary coach, because Coach Bob Stoops coaches the corners. Plus, I heard from Coach (Bob) Stoops a couple of days ago and he told me that he would hire a quality secondary coach to work with him in the secondary. Coach Stoops coaches the corners for the most part and that is what directly would affect me. I have no problems with what is going on at Oklahoma."

JH: How did you visit to Arkansas go?

MW: "It went good and was a good school. One of my former teammates is down there (Robert Johnson) and it was great to hang with home for a while."

JH: What is your remaining visit schedule?

MW: "Friday, I go to Texas A&M and then on December 12th I go to Oklahoma."

JH: What are you looking for in a school?

MW: "I want to find a school that can give me the best chance both academically and football wise. I have to feel good about the program as well."

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