White says KSU's D is OU's toughest challenge yet

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talks about his senior season, the Heisman race and this weekend's Big 12 Championship game against Kansas State. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Below is a transcript of OU QB Jason White's press conference with the media Tuesday in Norman.

On if this is the biggest game of the year so far
"It's the biggest game for the team this year, just because it's one of our major goals. We want the Big 12 Championship. And without a win this Saturday it's going to seem like the 12 past games were non-existent. It's something that we've wanted since the beginning of this season, and we're willing to work hard this week to get it."

On Kansas State's defense
"K-State's is probably the best defense we'll face this year. They don't blitz as much they used to from what I've seen.They're very sound, especially in their coverage. They don't make mistakes, they don't give up the big play. It's just a team that you're going to have to create long drives, kinda get five yards at a time. It's a big challenge for our offense."

On how similar KSU's defense is to Oklahoma's
"It's similar. I'm not for sure, but from what I've seen it's pretty much the same concept. They have athletes just like our defense. They're just so sound in what they do you can tell they're well-coached, and that's the same with our defense."

On if he'd rather face a blitzing defense
"I don't think it makes a difference. You just take what they give you. With blitzing defenses you've got more opportunities for the big plays with the quick slants that go 90 yards. But with the defense that's just sound and plays coverage, it's just longer drives."

On if Kansas State has an advantage playing in Kansas City
"I don't think so. When you're out there playing you don't even really notice the weather. Whether you're playing in the snow or it's 100 degrees outside, it's the same. Both teams have to go out and play. I think we're going to have a good number of fans travel up there. It's not that far."

On the similarities to the 2000 season facing Kansas State in KC again
"In 2000 I played scout team most of the time, but there are similarities. We play at the same field and it's probably going to be cold. It's just two great teams playing each other."

On if he remembers anything about the 2000 Big 12 title game in Kansas City
"Yeah, it was extremely cold (laughs)."

On Bob Stoops saying during his press conference that he didn't think it was cold in KC in 2000
"I don't know where he was (laughs). I know I was on the sideline freezing."

On if OU respects Kansas State
"Yeah. Just because they lost three games doesn't mean anything. The last six games they've been excellent. We realize this is going to be our toughest game. We also realize what we have at stake. This is our season right here. This is going to determine the rest of our season. If we lose this game, then our last 12 games aren't going to mean anything."

On OU playing well in big games under Stoops
"I think Coach Stoops and his staff really get us ready to play. He gets us prepared to play all week, and when you're prepared to play as well as well as Coach Stoops gets us ready to play you're confident in yourself. So, I don't think you really get tight."

On what players' numbers on KSU's defense jump out at him on film
"Seven (Josh Buhl). Nine (?). Pretty much their whole defense is pretty dang good. They all play hard and they're all extremely athletic. They're well-coached. That's what I see from this defense. You rarely see the big plays given up by K-State. So far this year we've gotten a lot of big plays, but this game is going to be challenge for our offense just to keep a steady drive and move the chains."

On if the attitude in the locker room is the same now as in 2000
"This team's different than the 2000 team. We're not the same. The feeling in the locker room has been pretty much the same all year, and that's just the attitude that we're not going to take anything less than a win. You can tell by practice yesterday the attitude for this week. Everyone is more intense and willing to prepare a little harder."

On if the race for the Heisman Trophy is over regardless of how he plays in Kansas City
"I don't know. I think they've got to include every game. As long as we win I'll be happy."

On if he's thought about how far he's come since the start of the season during the off-week
"No, last week was a time to just get away for a while. We practiced the first few days of the week and I took a little game film home to watch. It's just time to get away and really not concentrate on football."

On his relationship with Josh Heupel
"Josh has been great for me this year, not only on the field but off the field. At night I come watch film and if I've got questions I just walk down to his office and ask him, instead of waiting the next day to ask Coach Long. When I come off the field Josh has always got something to tell me. If it's not what we're going to run the next series it's what he sees. Josh has been a big help this year. He's been valuable to the team."

On if Heupel talks to him about the Heisman media attention
"No, we really don't talk about it. We kind of talk just football. I don't think it's any big deal with the media to him, as he probably showed when he was here."

On if his personality is similar to Heupel's
"No, not really. He's from South Dakota and he has an accent (laughs). We're not really the same people. He comes from a coaching family and my mom and dad never coached. I don't think we're really alike in anyway."

On what Mark Clayton has meant to the passing game
"He's been everything to the passing game. He works hard, and it's not just because he catches the ball and makes plays. It's when he doesn't have the ball, he also works hard and gets other receivers open too. I think the other receivers realize that and really respect Mark for that. He's not a guy that wants the ball every down. He knows that if he works hard he's going to get other receivers open and they're going to catch the ball."

On what he did during his off-week
"I went to Tuttle, had Thanksgiving. Also went and watched the Tuttle Tigers practice Thanksgiving morning."

On if he's a big celebrity now in Tuttle
"It didn't seem like there was anybody in town (laughs)."

On if the media attention is growing old for him
"I think you've got to have fun with it or you're not going to enjoy it. You have to take things in stride. It's been fun for me so far. I've kind of enjoyed it this year."

On him giving the same answers to the same questions
"I think sometimes you hear the same answers, but you ask the same questions (laughs)."

On if what's happened to him in the past make the last few month's success more meaningful
"Yeah, definitely. The last couple of years have been a long two years. When you're sitting there doing rehab you're thinking about what's going to come out of this, you never thought this would."

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