RECRUITING: Could Sugar Bowl decide Doucet's fate?

America's top WR prospect talks about two of his favorites going head-to-head in New Orleans.


JH: The bowl situation certainly worked out for you, because you have two of your main schools playing for the National Championship don't you?

ED: "I couldn't be in a better situation right now to choose one of those schools that are playing in such big bowls. To have the chance to be involved with the family at either school and their programs is a dream come true for me. The championship game will be tough for me, because I am drawn to both schools. The outcome of the game will not be a factor for me, but I will watch it with great enjoyment. I can't wait for the game. I know players and coaches from both schools and truly like both schools so much. My recruiting has been fantastic and a great deal of fun. I really like both of those schools and this is something that I am going to be able to tell my kids when I get older — how so many great schools recruited me."

JH: So, the outcome of that game won't have any effect on your decision?

ED: "The way the teams are playing right now you can't base your decision on one decision. Look at what happened to OU against Kansas State. You know that was a strange game, so you can't make a decision based on that game. There is so much that goes into a football game that causes teams to win or lose I can't base my decision on what happened in one game. I have to make my decisions on a number of factors and a season, not one game."

JH: What did you think of the OU game?

ED: "I don't know what went wrong with OU that day. I guess Kansas State was a better team that night and that happens. OU is still one of the dominat teams in the country and they have been one of the dominat teams in the country all year. They are still one of, or the best team in the country, but some nights it just isn't meant to be."

JH: Anything new on the recruiting front?

ED: "I am still going to LSU on January 16. I was scheduled to go to Miami on December 12, but something has come up with my family and I will go the following weekend."

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