Recruiting: Sooners finish second for Florida OL

Florida Offensive Lineman Ryan Carter talks about his commitment to Florida


JH: Ryan you committed to Florida recently, right?

RC: I just had too good of a feeling about Florida to pass up. It just felt right. I was all set to take all my visits, but then I was praying about my decision and I just couldn't get Florida out of my head. Florida is also very close to home and all my family and friends can see me play on a consistent basis. I guess I just decided that with such a great program close by that I didn't need to go out of state.

JH: Who finished second?

RC: Oklahoma finished second and if I had not decided to go to Florida I would have gone to OU. OU is a great program and would have been a great choice for me, but against the situation at Florida is just too good to pass up.

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