Recruiting: State's top prospect still high on OU

Jenks DE Brian Pickryl talks about his visit to Missouri and where the Sooners currently stand for his services


JH: How did you play last weekend?

BP: I played pretty well last week against Tulsa Rogers. They had some really good wide receivers and they had a good game plan as well. Their quarterback would take a three-step back and then just throw it up in the air. If Jenks struggles anywhere it's in our secondary and they tried to exploit us. They scored first on us and opened our eyes a little bit, but then we stepped it up and ended up winning the game 50 something to 18.

There are always aspects of my game that I want to improve. They really didn't challenge me as they ran draws and screens away from me. I had a chance to sack the quarterback for a 20-yard sack, but my shoulder came out-of-socket when I reached for him and I lost him.

We have a great game coming up against Owasso this Thursday and it's at Owasso. They will have the home field advantage and they have a good, solid football team.

JH: How did your visit to Missouri go?

BP: It went real well. I had a great time and I got a chance to meet a lot of players, who if I went there, I would be playing with. That was great and I also had a good time with the coaches, but I expected that.

Missouri had a chance to win throwing the ball into the end zone at the end, but they ended up losing the game. However, the defense played well throughout the game. Overall, the trip was great.

JH: Now that you have visited Missouri has your perception of the Tigers changed at all?

BP: I know a little more about Missouri now that I have spent a little time up there. I got to talk to an Assistant who talked about academics a great deal and I needed to hear what they have academically. The visit didn't change anything about my thinking when it comes to Missouri and it probably enhanced my images of Missouri a little bit.

JH: What did you think of Coach Gary Pinkel?

BP: I met Coach Pinkel this summer, but my father had not met him and he got the opportunity this weekend. It was a good experience for my dad.

JH: After your visit to Missouri has your position on recruiting changed at all?

BP: I am in the same position. I liked Missouri a lot and everybody knows that, but I am still considering other schools as well. It would be shortsighted to not consider every school before I am done. I am going to Texas this weekend and then I have a couple of visits to still set up. I think I am going to go to Michigan and probably OU.

I have taken a couple of unofficials to OU and I already know the coaches real well, but I am definitely considering OU because of how great the coaches are and how great the state of Oklahoma is. I grew up in Oklahoma and it would be an easier transition to go to OU. The OU coaches continue to do a great job, as they have since they arrived at OU. I still might visit UCLA.

JH: ESPN just listed six different Sooners among the top 100 collegiate players in the country. When you see how a school like Oklahoma can give that kind of exposure for an athlete does that influence your decision to attend that school?

BP: Definitely, you think about it and consider it. On the one hand you are going to get great exposure going to OU, the number one team in the country. However, good players are going to get good exposure no matter where they go. My goal is to be one of the best players, God willing. Exposure is not going to play a huge role and it's important to get good media coverage, but it's more important to just play well and no matter where I will be playing, I will get noticed.

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