RECRUITING: OU gets next shot at California DE

Los Angeles defenisive end Thomas Herring talks about his favorites and his upcoming visit to OU.


JH: How is your season going?

TH: "We are 10-3 and going into the championship game this Friday. We will play Locke High School and they are actually in our league. We beat them pretty bad during our regular league."

JH: Are you still playing on both sides of the ball?

TH: "I am still playing on both sides of the ball. On defense I play both defensive end and defensive tackle and on offense I play tight end. Everything is going good and I am continuing to play hard so that I can play better with the big games coming up. I want to play my best football on Friday. I have 40 tackles and 12.5 sacks on the year, and I know that I have quite a few pancake blocks on offense."

JH: How is recruiting going?

TH: "I have taken one visit and that was to Michigan. At this point I am going to Oklahoma (12-19), Washington (1-9), LSU (1-15) and them Miami (1-23). Everything is going great. I am surprised that it hasn't gotten stressful. Right now I am enjoying every minute of it."

JH: Do you have a leader at this time?

TH: "No, I don't."

JH: What position is OU recruiting you to play?

TH: "I have always thought that Oklahoma is a great program and it is a great opportunity for me to get a chance to visit there. They are recruiting me at defensive end and that is where I would like to play in college."

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