California DE says OU deserves to play for title

San Jose, Calif. defensive end Jeff Schweiger about his upcoming visit to OU and college football.


JH: What are you up to tonight?

JS: "I just got back from running. I went and ran some sprints on the track. I have to get ready for this Army All-Star game."

JH: Did you guys win state?

JS: "We won our section beating Pacific Grove 69-0. They didn't show up to play, which is funny, because they talked a lot of trash before the game. We have a number of good players on our squad and we are a pretty good team."

JH: What kind of stats did you finish your season with?

JS: "I had 140 tackles and 17 sacks. I also had 20 tackles for loss, 15 tipped passes, 14 hurries, four caused fumbles, two fumble recoveries and I returned one for a 40-yard touchdown return. The thing about those stats was that all the other teams game-planned for me, because of all the publicity that I received. Every teamed triple-teamed me or at least double-teamed me. Considering that every team ran away from me, I thought I played pretty well. The first couple of games were my best games, because those teams didn't gameplan away from me, but from that point on all I did was try to run down the quarterback and running back."

JH: What is your visit schedule?

JS: "I may go Oklahoma this weekend, but I have my banquet this weekend. So, I may visit Oklahoma the next weekend. Coach (Chuck) Long is coming to my house this week and we are going to talk about that. I am usually always gone somewhere, so my dad always talks to the coaches. I really don't know what has been decided, but I want to go to my banquet."

JH: Are OU and USC still your two top teams?

JS: "Yeah, those are still my two favorite teams. Those two schools are great. I didn't pick them because I thought both of those teams were going to be playing for the national title. I just thought those were the two best teams for me and the two best programs in the country. I wish those two teams would play, because that would have been a great game. Oklahoma just had a bad game and for those people that say they shouldn't be in the National Championship game, they don't know what they are talking about. OU smashed everybody up to that game. Texas is a pretty good team and OU pounded them. So, OU deserves to be in the game and so does USC. I just wish they would play, because I would like to see that game."

JH: You are really looking forward to playing in that Army All-Star game aren't you?

JS: "I am looking forward to playing in the game. I have been told it is a lot of fun. They do a lot of charity work and I am told that we are treated like NFL stars and that will be fun. I am really working hard to be ready for game, because I want to play well and show what I can do. It will be the first game that I get to play in a down position, because at my high school I was always standing up."

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