RECRUITING: Texas DT Okam a Texas lock?

Dallas, Texas defensive tackle Franklin Okam talks about his season the rumor that one school leads.


JH: How did your season wind up?

FO: "We wound up 4-6 on the year and missed out on the playoffs. The reason why we didn't do to well was because after the Longview game, which was the third game of the season, we had a lot of injuries and never really recovered from them."

JH: What kind of year did you have individually?

FO: "I think I finished with 56 tackles, six sacks, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries as well. I think that was a pretty good year, but I thought I had more tackles than that. It seemed like I made more plays than that and I know that I disrupted more plays than that. I guess it was a pretty good year."

JH: Because of your celebrity and status, did team's gameplan for you any different this year than last?

FO: "Last year teams tried to block me straight up, but that wasn't the case this year, especially when we got into district. I was double and triple-teamed and teams wouldn't run my way at all. Last year I don't remember teams doing that to me that much, but this year teams did try to game plan away from me."

JH: Are you playing basketball?

FO: "Yes, I am. Our team is 7-4 right now and right now I am averaging 16 ppg and 7 rpg. This has been my best year in basketball so far."

JH: Have you taken any visits yet?

FO: "No, I haven't taken any visits yet because of a combination of basketball and a combination of a personal decisions."

JH: What is your visit schedule?

FO: "I have a visit set to Texas this weekend and I then a visit to Oklahoma the following weekend. On January 16 I have set a visit to Florida."

JH: Are Texas and Oklahoma your top two schools?

FO: "You could say that those are my top three schools, but I guess I feel that Texas and Oklahoma are my top two schools. There are two other schools that I am considering, but I think you would classify them as outside schools right now. They are Texas A&M and Oklahoma State."

JH: Are OU and Texas in a dead heat or is one a slight leader?

FO: "I don't think I know the difference between Oklahoma and Texas right now. Besides the fact they are in different states, I really don't know what is different about the two colleges and their football programs."

JH: So, right now there isn't a difference in the two schools?

FO: "I can't think of one, so I guess I will say no. If there is one I guess it is the fact that OU is playing for the National Championship."

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