Recruiting: Dibbles is a team player

The latest on one of the Lone Star State's best prospects in Lancaster defensive lineman Larry Dibbles


"We lost our district opener 21-12. Our defense held their offense to four first downs, but they scored off an interception return of about 90 yards. Then, they broke two long runs, one on an option pitch of about 50 yards and then an option keeper for about 45 yards. That game was a heartbreaker and a tough one to lose. We can still win district and we plan on winning district. We have to win three of our next four games, so if we don't win district we have nobody to blame but ourselves."

"I don't know how many tackles I have total, but it should be a high number. It is hard to look at the stat sheet when you are losing. I am trying not to think about myself, because we are not playing well. I am totally concerned about the team right now. I take losing very personally and right now I don't care how many tackles I make, all I know is that I need to make more."

"I have heard from Michigan State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida State, Ohio State, Penn State and Tennessee. There are more, but I can't think of all of them right now. I will put it this way, just about everybody that is a big-time football school has called me this week. I try to hold each phone call to ten minutes, because so many coaches are calling."

"I am still interested in Oklahoma, Texas and Notre Dame, but I am also looking at several different schools."

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