Recruiting: Colorado LB ready to check out Norman

Aurora, Colo. LB Zach Latimer is taking his first of five trips this weekend to Norman


"Our season is going great. We won Friday to raise our record to 6-1 and right now we are ranked fifth in the state. I am doing great at this point as I caught a touchdown pass and I had a punt return that I took all the way back for a touchdown. I have only been back for punt returns twice and I have scored once. From this point on I think that I will be returning punts. I think I have 12 sacks thus far this season and that is from the defensive end position."

"I am going to visit Oklahoma this weekend. I can't wait as I am definitely looking forward to that visit. Oklahoma will be my first visit, but I plan on taking five. I am just looking to see how they operate and I want to see if I want to be a part of that the next four years. I need to check out of the living quarters and see what kind of social environment that Oklahoma offers. I need to look over the academic situation and see where that stands."

"I don't know much about Oklahoma right now. I grew with a friend that really liked Oklahoma. He dates a girl that is the daughter of Kerry Jackson, who used to be a quarterback at Oklahoma. I am around them all the time and he talked so positively about Oklahoma that I just have to check it out."

"I want to go to a school where people are going to notice your abilities and what you can do. If you do well then you will get noticed and that is something that appeals to me."

"After Oklahoma, I go to Purdue next week. Then I go to Miami (12-15), UCLA (12-8). Notre Dame and Missouri are the two schools I am considering for my fifth visit. I still don't have a favorite at this point."

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