Call him Mr. Heisman

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White became the fourth Sooner to win the coveted Heisman Trophy Award on Saturday night in New York City. White edged out Pittsburgh receiver Larry Fitzgerald in the fourth closest vote in the history of the award. White (pictured left) poses with the Trophy. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

It's taken 25 years, but the Heisman Trophy is finally headed back to Norman.

Oklahoma senior quarterback Jason White capped an improbable comeback after suffering back-to-back season-ending knee injuries when he became the fourth Sooner to win the coveted award Saturday night in New York City.

The senior from Tuttle edged out Pittsburgh receiver Larry Fitzgerald who finished a close second. White tallied 1,481 total points in the voting to Fitzgerald's 1,353. White also received 253 first-place votes.

"This whole week hasn't seemed real for me," said White, who is the first Sooner to win the Heisman since Billy Sims in 1978. "It's something that I never thought would happen. It's a dream come true. I'm just very honored to be assoicated with this and the past Heisman Trophy winners."

Mississippi quarterback Eli Manning came in third behind White and Fitzgerald while Michigan running back Chris Perry finished fourth.

White joins Billy Vessels, Steve Owens and Sims as the only Sooners to bring home the Heisman.

Below is a transcript of White's acceptance speech and interview with ESPN's Chris Fowler.

"Last year about this time I was sitting at home watching the Heisman and I was thinking how neat it would be to just to be there watching just as one of the finalists. I never dreamed that after the two surgeries that I would have even have a chance to come here. I am here, but I never thought I would win it. It is a great honor and a great honor to be characterized with the finalists and the past Heisman Trophy winners.

"The first people I would like to thank are my mom and dad. More importantly, this is not just my trophy, but the Oklahoma Sooners. Like I said all year, I found myself in a great situation at the University of Oklahoma and they deserve this award more than anybody. The coaches put us in a great situation every week and get us ready to play and you have to appreciate them. The last people I would like to thank are the people that put up with me through two years of rehab. It was a long journey, but they put up with me as did the training staff at the University of Oklahoma.

"Other than that, I am honored and privileged to accept this award. Thank you."

White's interview with Chris Fowler of ESPN:

Fowler: You get to take this trophy home, which has to feel good after all those long hours in rehab. You just wanted one play of football, much less a chance to come back and play for a national championship and take this thing home.

White: "I just wanted to play again and I wanted to be back on the field with my teammates. For a while it didn't seem like that was going to happen, but I was just blessed with the ability to come back and play."

Fowler: Did it creep into your mind, even for one second against Kansas State, that I hope I didn't lose this thing?

White: "No, not at all. I was too worried about the game. I figured things would fall into place. That was a bump in our road, but we still get a chance at a National Championship."

Fowler: I know your daughter Tinley is home watching. I am sure she is not able to comprehend what her dad has won, but she gets to grow up around his Heisman Trophy. Would you like to say something to her?

White: "Yeah, I love you Tinley."

Fowler: I think she loves you right back. This is the silver anniversary of Billy Sims winning the Heisman Trophy and here is another guy who can understand, because he lost a few years to injury.

White: "Like I said, it is just an honor to be up here and be compared to past Heisman Trophy winners."

Fowler: One more time ... Boomer Sooner.

Sims: "Boomer!"

White: "Sooner!"

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