EXCLUSIVE: Sims, Owens happy for White

OUInsider.com caught up with former OU Heisman Trophy winners Billy Sims and Steve Owens via telephone shortly after the ceremony Saturday night to get their on Jason White following their footsteps.

Moments after Jason White won the Heisman Trophy tonight I had a chance to speak with former winners Steve Owens and Billy Sims. Below is a transcript of the conversation.

JH: Steve, what a wonderful situation for Jason to win the Heisman.

SO: "James, I am so proud and so happy for Jason that I can't see straight. He is a super young man, and with what he accomplished this year he deserves the Heisman more than anybody else. His poise and his guts to come back after two ACL surgeries is tremendous. He has had a year that we can all be proud of."

JH: Steve, what does this mean for the University of Oklahoma?

SO: "It shows once again how great of a football program that we have. OU is the best football program in the country with Jason winning the fourth Heisman Trophy in the history of the program. Jason is a perfect example of what Oklahoma football is all about. We are a program of fighters and great athletes who combine the best of all skills to put together the best performance we can in each and every game. Jason is such a great kid that without question he is a perfect guy to carry the trophy into the new era of Oklahoma football."

JH: Steve, what will winning the Heisman do for Jason personally?

SO: "That remains to be seen, but it should help open some doors for Jason both athletically and professionally. It will endear him to the fans of Oklahoma forever, and he will now be recognized as one of the greatest players in Oklahoma history. James, I told you Jason was going to win it. I didn't have any doubts that he was going to win the award tonight. I understand the voting was pretty close, but without question Jason was the best football player in the country. Hey, James do you want to talk to Billy Sims? I know you do. Let me get him for you."

(Billy comes to the phone)

JH: Billy, what do you think of tonight?

BS: "Oh, many Boomer Sooner baby! I couldn't be more happier for guy that I am right now for Jason. He deserved his award more than any other player and his courage under such tough conditions is something that I am most proud of. He has had an incredible year and it has been a great year for OU. We have played great all year and Jason has been the big reason behind our success. Now he can concentrate on football and go win the Sugar Bowl."

JH: What do you think this does for OU?

BS: "It proves what I always say, that OU is the best football program in the country. We have four Heisman's now and we should have a couple more. We were close to winning two or three more. Recruits will know now even more that if they come to OU that they can win Heisman's and other awards as well. Us old guys have always known that, but sometimes young men get lost in the television aspect of college football and they don't understand the reality of it. This will help them realize that OU is the best football team in the country."

JH: Were you sweating the result any at all?

BS: "No, I thought he was going to win it all the way. If they didn't give it to him, then it would have been a joke."

JH: Hey, Billy. Boomer Sooner to you.

BS: "James, Boomer Sooner to you as well!"

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