RECRUITING: Texas giant checks out Norman

Denton, Texas OL Herman Johnson talks about his visit to Norman. Is he any closer to a decision?


JH: How did your season finish up?

HJ: "We finished the season 7-3."

JH: How did you play this season?

HJ: "I finished the season pretty well. So far the awards that I have received are first team All-Area and Tom Lemming named me to his All-American team. I had 38 pancake blocks for the season. I don't have an average for my grade all season, but they are going to be in the 90s."

JH: How did your visit to OU go this weekend?

HJ: "It went real well. I enjoyed myself and got to hang around the players and see what they do during their spare time. I just go to see what they do when they weren't around a coach and it was pretty fun. My host was Kelvin Chaisson and I got to hang out with Tommie Harris, Wes Sims, Lewis Baker and Alonzo Dotson. There were a bunch of other guys who were defensive players."

JH: You have been to OU unofficially several times, so what was different about your official visit?

HJ: "This time I actually I got actually hang out with the players, instead of being with the coaches all the time. Before, I had already seen the learning center and the facilities and that stuff, but this time I got to be with the players on a one-on-one basis."

JH: What do you think about OU's facilities?

HJ: "Oh, they are real nice and top-notch. They are as good as any other programs."

JH: Now that you have visited Oklahoma, what are you thinking about recruiting?

HJ: "It is still going to be some time before I commit. They are going to have a real good recruiting class if the people that I was around this weekend go to Oklahoma. Right now I am pretty much open to all my schools right now, but Oklahoma is still very much in the mix. I am going to take my visits and then see where I stand after that."

JH: What is the rest of your schedule?

HJ: "I go to LSU (1-16), Houston (1-19) and then I might go to Oklahoma State. I am talking to their coach about a visit, but I don't have anything set up at this time."

JH: Is it true that you are really down to OU and LSU?

HJ: "That is correct."

JH: Will the National Championship game between OU and LSU have any effect on your decision?

HJ: "It will in a way, but not really. I don't have a leader among those two schools, so I still have a decision to make."

JH: Is it true you have family that lives in Louisiana?

JH: "Yes, I have quite a bit of my family that lives there. My grandparents live their, but they are not putting any pressure on me to go to LSU. They just want me to be happy and they just want me to make a real good decision."

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