RECRUITING: Bomar takes first and last official

Grand Prairie, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about his official visit to Norman.


JH: You have seen OU a million times, so what did you think of your official visit?

RB: "It was cool. I was looking forward to it because it is going to be the only one I get to take. I got to hang out with the players and do everything that you get to do on an official visit and it was fun."

JH: Who was your host?

RB: "Joe John Finley."

JH: What did you guys do?

RB: "I had known him previously and he was cool. We ate dinner with one of the hostests and just hung out. It was pretty fun. We ate some great food. I think I gained about ten pounds. That was a great thing about it."

JH: Did you hang out much with the other recruits?

RB: "They were all really cool and great guys to hang out with. I had a great time with them and really enjoyed my time with them."

JH: Everybody knows that you are already committed, so did those recruits that weren't committed talk to you about why you were committed or anything like that?

RB: "Yeah, I talked to them about that a little bit. But you don't push it or make a big deal about it. It came up from time-to-time throughout the weekend, and when it did I just talk to each player a little bit. But again, you don't make a big deal about it and you don't try to push it."

JH: What did you think about Jason White winning the Heisman Trophy? And since you are a future Sooner quarterback what kind of dream does that plant in your head?

RB: "That was great to watch Jason win the Heisman with the team and see how much those guys care about him as a person and a player. It was fun to be a part of that and I am very happy for him. Sure, it gets me dreaming about being in that position someday. Since Coach Stoops has been to OU he has had two Heisman finalist and both have been quarterbacks. Josh Heupel finished second and now Jason has won it. So sure, I think about being in that position someday and realize that at Oklahoma if you play well enough you can put yourself in that position."

JH: Do you think the other skill guys that visited realize what they can accomplish at OU?

RB: "Yeah, I think all of those guys realize that OU is a special place where you can achieve a lot of great things. I talked to all the other guys on the trip and I would say that all of those guys that are not committed have a great interest in OU. I am not sure where they are going to go, but I think they all are considering OU in a big way and we all realize that at OU you can accomplish anything in college football if you just go out and play the game the way it is supposed to be played."

JH: Is your hand healed?

RB: Not totally, but it is getting there. I will be ready to go pretty soon."

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