Two Minute Drill: Tommie Harris

Oklahoma's junior defensive tackle Tommie Harris talks about winning the Lombardi Award and his fellow Sooners' postseason success winning awards. talks about winning the

NORMAN, Okla. — Junior defensive tackle Tommie Harris won the Lombardi Trophy recently signifying that he is the best down lineman in college football. A starter the first day he stepped on the Sooner campus, Harris has been a tremendous football player since day one at OU.

In the Sugar Bowl Harris could be playing his last game at the University of Oklahoma. If Harris decides to come out after his junior year he is projected to be a first round draft choice in the upcoming NFL draft. However, there is a difference of opinion just how high he would go in the draft and that just might bring Harris back for his senior season at OU.

On Friday of last week Harris returned from Orlando, Fla. and went right back to work preparing for LSU in the upcoming Sugar Bowl. After Sunday's practice Harris sat down with for our Two Minute Drill.

JH: Tommie, congratulations for winning the Lombardi Award, because it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. What are you thoughts for winning such a prestigious award, plus being named first team to most All-American teams?

TH: "It feels good, it really feels good. I think it is well-deserved, because we work incredibly hard for it and just to be able to help out the program like we have is such a huge honor. We almost swept all the awards. I believe it was the first time in college history that so many players from the same team won so many major awards. It was just a great thing to be a part of the Lombardi Awards and to be classified in the legends of the greatest Sooner players. To be honored among such Sooner greats as Lee Roy Selmon and Tony Casillas, and just to be there and see all the kids and to be able to put smiles on their faces was a blessing."

JH: You always talk about this Oklahoma football program. You are really proud to be a Sooner aren't you?

TH: "I am very proud to be a Sooner. It is truly a blessing, because you come into this program a young man and you truly don't know what to expect. However, as you become a man you really start to appreciate the things that happen for you. OU is a great university and a great football program, and I am proud to be just a small part of it."

JH: What kind of anxiety did you have waiting for your name to be called at the Lombardi?

TH: "I wasn't really scared. I knew they were going to make the decision and I didn't have control over that decision. I just sat there and waited for the decision to be announced and God willing I won the award."

JH: You looked good up there in your suit and things, and then you had to pick up that award. How heavy is that thing?

TH: "It is real heavy, but I think my arms are strong enough to carry it."

JH: You won over four great guys and you said you would even have voted for one of them other than yourself. That is what I have always enjoyed about you, is your humble nature.

TH: "All of this is a blessing, because I know one day I am going to be up and the next day your are down. I really appreciate what God does for me. He has truly blessed me. I know that there are many other people that could be doing the same thing that I am doing, but God has showed me a favor in many ways and put me in the right place in the right time."

JH: So many of your teammates are wining awards, do you think that this is truly a special team that you are playing on?

TH: "It is truly a blessing to be able to play with the teammates that I have. Every one of them works hard on every play and then they go out and put there best foot forward."

JH: Now you guys have to go out and put things together and go out and win the Sugar Bowl?

TH: Oh yeah, we have to go back out there and redeem ourselves. There is no question that we can do that."

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