Two Minute Drill: Mark Clayton goes one-on-one with Oklahoma star receiver Mark Clayton.

NORMAN, Okla. — One of the biggest stories on the Sooner football team this season is wide receiver Mark Clayton. The junior's ability was well-known among the Sooner program, but nationally he wasn't even considered an all-conference candidate at the beginning of the year.

Clayton proved everybody wrong finishing with the best season ever for a wide receiver in University of Oklahoma history. Clayton's success has earned him first team All-American honors on many teams and certainly has moved him among the elite wide receivers in college football.

Clayton went right back to work after returning from Orlando, Fla. where he was a finalist for the Biletnikof Award, and on Sunday he sat down with for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Congratulations for all the good things that are happening to you. You are such a humble guy, but it is good to hear your name called for some of these postseason awards, right?

MC: "I am definitely proud about everything that has happened for me. The fact that we came into the season and worked hard is indicative with all the success we had this year with all the postseason awards. Those awards are due to the fact that we work hard in the off-season and in the summer. It is shows up during the season and in the post season awards."

JH: What do you think about being a part of one of the most recognized teams in college football history?

MC: "I mean, when everything is all said and done I will be able to sit back and realize what is going on. Right now we are still focused on what we have to do to get the job done in two weeks down in New Orleans. That is all that is important to us."

JH: Man, you looked good on television the other day and you had on a nice suit. I know you didn't pick it out, so who did?

MC: "My mom picked out the suit for me and she picks out my cloths anytime I am going to do something in public. Ever since we have been here at every little banquet that we have she always brings a little something for me. So, every year my teammates are asking me what did I get this year? That is something that I take pride in and that is looking good."

JH: What was it like to be at the award show in Orlando?

MC: "I can't even describe it. It was an honor and truly a blessing. Without God none of this would be possible. I can't even put it in words. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine I could be in the same room with some of the guys that were there. It was so outstanding that I can't even explain it."

JH: "You got a chance to hang out with those other wide receivers and you found out that they knew who you were, didn't you?

MC: "Yeah, they did know about my season. The play they seem to talk about the most was that little reverse pass and then take off running. I just had a great deal of respect for those guys and I told them that I really appreciate their great play and the great things they were doing for college football. Fans in Oklahoma like to watch college football and we all appreciate other good players. I told them that we really enjoyed watching them."

JH: Did you tell them that you had several of your own plays that you like better?

MC: "No, I just went with whatever they said. I appreciated the fact they knew about any of my plays. I don't remember most of them anyway. I just run them and when I am asked about them later, I really can't remember how they happened."

JH: You have to get the Kansas State loss behind you to get ready for the Sugar Bowl. Aren't you really getting another chance to redeem yourself from that loss?

MC: "Yes, it is a blessing for us to end up in that game after we lost to a great team in Kansas State. Darren Sproles is an outstanding player. After the game the little guy was telling us how great of a team we were and they had beaten us so badly. He wished us the best and said that he hoped that we won in the Sugar Bowl. That is our hope as well. We have to come back and fix everything that was wrong with us in that game and then come out and play to our best potential."

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