Two Minute Drill: Chuck Long

OU Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long talks about Jason White returning to practice and gives a scouting report on LSU's defense. (AP Photo/Jean-Marc Bouju)

NORMAN, Okla. — The Sooners went through a 1 1/2 hour workout today with most of the coaches still on the road recruiting. OU Head Coach Bob Stoops was in Waco, Texas, to see star cornerback recruit Marcus Walker today and he also spent time in Houston. Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long and Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables ran practice today. After practice Coach Long sat down with for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: How did practice go today?

CL: "It went well as we had a good practice today. It was crisp and the weather was great so we got outside, which was good. I think the guys liked that. We worked some young guys in there like we always do at this time of year to see what they do. We also went through our preparation for LSU and that went well."

JH: How did Jason (White) look in his first practice since winning the Heisman?

CL: "He looked good and he actually wasn't too rusty. He came back and he said that he got a good night's sleep last night and he looked pretty good today. He is not all the way there yet, as he is still coming down off that high in New York. That was an exciting time for him as it was for our football team, but he felt good today and threw the ball around pretty good."

JH: How did the team respond to him now that he is the Heisman winner?

CL: "Whenever we went into our stretching the team starting calling his name out, and sometimes when that happens to guys they go out there and do some kind of dance or something. They called Jason out and he went to the front of the team and did the Heisman pose and everybody just loved it. It was a great moment and the team is excited for him. Jason said all along that it is a team award and the team really feels that way. It was great time and a great moment in the stretch."

JH: Heisman winners are put on such a high pedestal that sometimes they are not treated like normal people. Is that something that you have to worry about on the team now that Jason has won the Heisman Trophy?

CL: "I think the thing with Jason is that life will change some around him, but I don't believe that Jason will change. He will be the same Jason White who is very well-grounded and humble. After all he has been through he knows how rare it is to make every snap count on a football field. With what he has been through this year every snap was special to him this year and it still is.

"He will be humble, but at the same time life will change around him. People are going to view him differently and I think the big thing with that is to go with the flow and not to fight it. People are going to look at him differently and want autographs and things like that. Things are going to be a little differently for him, but he will adjust fine. I think when you consider where he is from, and of course our program is such a high profile program has helped him. He will be able to adjust very well."

JH: I guess just because the game is going to be played indoors doesn't mean that you are going to practice everyday indoors right?

CL: "This time of year we are getting some good weather. We want to go outside and mix it up, because if we start doing the same thing every time things get stale. We like to mix it up a little and go outside, but we will eventually go indoors before we leave town. I believe that we are practicing indoors all the time in New Orleans."

JH: What are you thoughts on LSU's defense?

CL: "It is very good and when they get off the bus they start blitzing. They try to blitz every which way they can and they are a lot like our defense. They are very strong and physical up front and have big guys up front. They are probably the biggest team we will play size-wise all year. They play a lot of man coverage and they are an excellent defense. They remind me of Florida State in the Orange Bowl, who was big, strong and physical. At this point and time in the season, when you are playing for the National Championship you are not going to play against any weak teams. LSU is very good.

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