RECRUITING: California DE says visit was 'great'

Is Jeff Schweiger a lock to USC? Find out what the DE from San Jose said after his visit to Norman.


JH: How was your visit to Oklahoma?

JS: "It was real fun. I was really impressed with all the facilities and how the team got together and got along. They are a tight-knit group and it seemed like it was a fun environment to play at."

JH: What did you do during your trip to OU?

JS: "My host was Russell Dennison and we went to his house and hung out with some of his buddies from his high school. We went to some parties and had good time."

JH: What did you think about the Heisman watch party?

JS: "I thought it was awesome how the guys were really pulling for their teammates. It was just another example how close OU is as team. It seems like a lot of the other programs have a lot of individuals on their team, but it didn't seem that way at Oklahoma."

JH: What did you think about the football program itself?

JS: "I think it is awesome what they are doing. It seems like Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright and Coach (Jerry) Schmidt are really, really good at developing players. Coach Venables was telling me that they have never really signed a great, great recruiting class, but that there coaching staff excelled at developing players. Now, they are signing a great recruiting classes and when you combine that with their great coaching, the future is going to be incredible at OU."

JH: What did you think about the facilities?

JS: "The freshmen dorms were awesome and the stadium is awesome. The academic center is incredible and I didn't know schools had something like that. They had a separate room for tutoring and I don't see how anybody can get a bad grade there. The locker room was great and we took a group picture of all of us who were visiting with our jersey on in the locker room and that was great."

JH: Did your visit enhance your thoughts on the Sooners?

JS: "It was better than I expected, to be honest. I told my dad that it was an incredible visit. The players and coaches get along great and that shows up in everything that they do. They are all great people and then everything about the football program is top-notch. Oklahoma is such a great program, because the people are so great within what is a great program. It is the people that make it special, but they have everything that is necessary to have a great team."

JH: Will distance be a factor on your decision with Oklahoma?

JS: "Distance is not that big of a factor. By plane Oklahoma is not a tough place to get to and my dad and my family said they would still see me play at Oklahoma. Plus, OU is on television just about every game and so my family would never really miss game. From where I live USC is about a half an hour, but the plane ride to OU is not bad either.

JH: There are still those that think you are lean or a lock to USC. Are you still saying that is not true?

JS: "No. I will say it again, that rumor is not true. I am not a lean or committed to USC. OU and USC are my top two schools and that is not going to change. I will go to USC on January 16t and then I will come home and sit down with my dad and my family and decide what is best for me."

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